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Now that the news calmed down a bit, what does everyone think of CM9's new Cid-updated animation? Yay/nay?
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Meh, not a huge fan of Cid...but it's not bad.
I'm really diggin' the emotions and facial expressions, the transition is great.
Personally, I'm still not a fan of Cid, though I've now gotten used to him. I liked the previous animation without him, this one is just a necessity due to Cid changes. :-/
Think it looks pretty good. Might put off putting it on my S3 for a bit longer though....
Angry, evil, and mean kind of, and just because. There was really no reason for that but to make him look more bad-ass.
I still prefer Andy... that stood for Android... not sure what Cid stands for other than Teen Angst maybe?
of all bootanimations i've seen, still digging the one from Nexus One, with the X
My main grip is that I just don't like cyan...but they ain't changing their name I guess...Anyone who could tell me where the "cyanogen mod" name came from ?
Really don't care one way or the other.
+Andrew Grube I think he is just referring to the color, and I agree. Not a big fan of the color...Good thing we have themes working now
that animated background is way to 90's, looks old. I like the pet and the initial animation, I hate the bg
Don't like it. I'll just use the old boot animation with wrong version #, if they get to making CM9 for their most popular phone (by number of installs).
Cyanogenmod Who?  (Sorry - couldn't resist - I was expecting the theme song any minute)
Screams "designed and coded by 14 year olds".
Love CyanogenMod... Don't like Cid at all. Animation was nice.
I understand legally why you can't use Andy. Andy obviously is preferable, but Cid is a logo that represents that what's being done by CM is worthy of its own brand image. Well done guys keep it up. The boot loader animation is great.
I love the hate the CyanogenMod roms have been getting as of late because it makes me laugh. These guys make a solid rom ans provide a lot of good to the community yet are getting crapped on by some. It makes no sense to me. If someone could explain it that'd be great but my first time rooting I went into their irc for help and got great pointers. I have been back on a few occasions and its always great. Its a smooth rom I'm using on my galaxy nexus. Sure aokp is shoving in a lot of features but cm has always treated me well, aokp and liquid where mostly what I ran when I first got my galaxy nexus but last week I switched back to cyanogen and love it. Even got cid as my background.
I'd like it a lot better if I could see it when I boot my Droid X (and not just as a custom boot sequence)...
I actually hate Cid more every time I see it. Its not growing on me and I'm not getting used to it. I know I can change the boot ani and remove all pics of it but that makes it feel like I'm removing bloatware from a carrier rom. The point of CM, at least in part, is supposed to be not having to do that.
The animation itself is awesome, but Cid isn't
+Drew Snyder Not hating on the ROM, just the "mascot". The ONLY one that  looked like it wasn't designed by a 14 year old and had some thought behind it was the axolotl
+Kit Farman i unno... I like the dude. Robotic yet not the "android" style of before. Clean, simple... Doesn't look like a 14 year old design either... mostly because 14 year olds to me would try to over design. Cid is to minimal to be designed by a kid.
God I hate Cid. Really a bad move from CM team.
that is impressive, guess I need to root my phone and try this CM9 business!
I have donated in the past when I was using CM7.
It looks like a cat. Not an Android robo
Yep. I still think it's ugly as hell. Even with all the fancy flashing lights
I personally like it. I was just thinking that the Android on the skateboard was outdated and reminded me of android 1.6. To me cid represents the improvements made to Android by cm9 team. Just look at Cid, he's more of a humanoid form with an emotional expression on his face and he reminds me of a robots transition to a cyborg.
I prefer the old one, but I understand we have to move forward. However, I think the new bootanim should show this transition: It should start with CyAndy on the skateboard, then after the spinning arrow explodes into a white screen, it should be replaced by Cid. Old logo becomes new logo. Of course, I'd love to see a bootanim that starts with the old CM 4.x one (cyan-colored shine moving across the android wordmark) and evolves into the modern one.
Also, while it'd take more work & possibly have some legal issues associated with it, it could be cool if each phone had their own animation playing off the OEM supplied boot animation...  Like maybe for Moto's the red eye could appear, then a cyan woosh like on StarGate, replacing the red with cyan, Cid walks in & rides the wormhole until he exits on the other side (aka the home page/lock screen)...
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