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We're powering through a DDOS attack that elevated requests to 30 times the average. Stay tuned, folks.

Update: The DDOS has been blocked. The site is stable again.
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I just got through, so I think you might be winning.
Lol. People are stupid. But... In a way.. It is kinda funny.
Just remember to update on when you guys are back on, hoping for the best!
You made it! You're somebody!

Getting DDoS is like the modern day equivalent of getting into the phone book, and then having a sniper randomly select you from it.
Anybody revendicated the attack yet ? I don't see anybody except bored people or... did you pay all the bills ?! ;)
Pathetic. Children (atleast in mind) getting access to some kind of botnet and thinking their the bomb.
The DDOS has been blocked. The site is stable again.
+John Lieske In that case they'd get a peak which would very quickly decrease again. Atleast I think so.
Why would somebody DDOS you. You guys are amazing!
Apple fanboys upset that even more Apple beating Android handsets are appearing every day. Even Apple FUD can't plug that many leaks in the dam.
+John Lieske Yeah your right. Though I doubt AP would jump to a DDOS conclusion if it subsided after that first peak.
Congrats! You passed.
+Android Police Any word on who is the culprit? Understandable if you do not want to share for various reasons but I'm sure there are people other than myself who are curious :)
The offender will remain "anonymous"... heh...
+Matt Eden +John Lieske +Kristoffer Pedersen It was DDOS because the user-agent was the same (and thankfully easy to block) and accessed the same url. The problem is, it could be a bug in some software but nobody was able to trace it so far. See

The good news is it may have not been malicious in nature, but it was still exactly the definition of DDOS - thousands of IPs serving us with a nice cup of denial of service.
Assume it's most likely AVG. Actually happens more often than you think.
+Kenny Gee AVG is crap! I support software and everytime they release an "update", we then have to unblock our software after AVG eats it.
I know it's crap, though I use them as well. Their customers are their test subjects. That's usually how they are able to "fix" their problems somewhat easily...
<snarky sarcasm>That wasn't really a DDOS attack. Verizon's network has been going up and down so often that you're getting a flood of reconnects from all of those devices.</snarky sarcasm>
+Drew DeNardo It has nothing to do with Verizon - please read the serverfault link and my previous comments, it'll shine some light on this. I'm not even sure why you'd suggest Verizon's network is the reason so definitively.
Sorry, I was just being snarky. VZ has been letting me down too frequently lately and I couldn't resist the chance to get in a dig on them. I should have labeled it as such.
You made it through.. Yippie..
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