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A couple o' people over at XDA were praising this thing. I hate the bulk that comes from phone cases and the extended battery mods though. As much as Id like to have a battery last me 2 days on average use I just couldn't justify the overall size of this beast.
+William Thieme, batteries do not have the NFC chip, they are only enabled for the operation of the chip if your phone has it.

I would prefer for a mobile charger (of about 5000 mAH) which would last my Note longer than the monster battery (overall) and at a much lower cost.
Hrm, this battery would actually be very handy in the service industry... mid to high end hotels, restaurants, etc where you have people using handhelds to assists guests, take orders, etc and the screen is on most for the day sucking down battery
I find it to be a very useful thing!
+Chye Huat Teo The back cover of the phone has two small connectors. That has to do with the NFC capabilities (which the I717 Note has). If you get some cheaper extended batteries there are no connectors so NFC will not work.
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