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I guess I haven't had any use for these since the introduction of Google Now and now the even better surfacing of recently starred locations.
I'm not seeing this widget as an option. Is this an iterative rollout? I got the new version last night.
I'm not seeing the latest version at all - is there a timeframe for the rollout, or am I just having a day at the beach ?
+Þór Sigurðsson I'm still stuck with v6 myself. Guess Verizon Wireless and GS3 is no longer the popular choice to push updates to :)

That said, I'm happy to wait a few more days for Google to get this right!
+Artem Russakovskii Possibly, but I can't think of any changes from 4.1 to 4.2 that would affect widget functionality like that, but I could be wrong...
As of two weeks ago. I was running AOKP on my GS3 but am back to rooted stock now. I may flash back this weekend quickly just to see, but going back and forth is a pain with the whole /0 folder update.
I don't have it either on AT&T One X+ on 4.1.1

Belay that, I do have it. I was looking for traffic, not directions. It is present on 4.1.1.
For those using the Nova launcher "direction"  is also found under Shortcuts, not Widgets if you access the submenu by long pressing  on the homescreen. It's under the "widget" section though if you access via the menu page.
+Ali Mohammed Tap the compass icon. I believe it saves at whatever setting you leave it at. I don't know if that survives a reboot though.
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