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And now we want to have ICS on the HTC Flyer even more!
Yikes. I'm writing a review on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and It only has Gingerbread still - and this is a monster of a Tablet. Nice write-up! I'll be sure to mention this in my review.
I think my XOOM will be the last to be updated !!
Didn't the XOOM get updated to ics already?
Ah, well that's good news...I have the 3g/4g Xoom so I'm waiting...but, I'm happy to hear this news...
I'm with you +Jim Elliott , the first Android tablet with the 3.0 OS will be the last with to get ICS!
Kevin F
4g Xoom still doesn't have ICS ? When I had my xoom wifi, before I sold it to get the transformer prime, I was able to update xoom wifi to ICS.... Why would they leave xoom 4G out of the party ?
That's what we would all like to know +Kevin F . Mostly because it had to go though Verizon and they are taking their times I guess.
+Kevin F and +Ricky L Jones. It's the radio. The ASOP build of Android does not include the proprietary drivers CDMA carriers require for devices to work on their networks. Those are developed separately and have to go through more testing before being pushed out. Hence the reason for all the fuss about the Verizon GNex on 4.0.3 while GSM is 4.0.4. It's all about the radio and the trouble those pesky circuits cause. I have ICS running on my Xoom LTE thanks to the amazing dev community and it is near flawless. For those that don't want to root, etc. I believe end of May or early June was the report on the Xoom 4G getting ICS.
Thanks for the info +Justin Siefert I would have rooted my Xoom if I thought I could root and keep my tablet 3G.
My 3G worked fine and then after the upgrade to 4G, I flashed a 4G ROM and it works perfectly. It is amazing how the devs were able to hack around the radio issue and get 3G and 4G working on ICS for 4 months now and we haven't seen an update from the carriers. I do understand they have to go through a lot more QA because the slightest issue will cause a call center nightmare.
+Justin Siefert and that's only the American wifi Xooms that have been updated, the rest of the world is left with Honeycomb for both wifi and 3g Xooms.
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