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Because we can't give Samsung our money or our data fast enough....

Well, I can't....
No thanks. Touch whizz boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
yeah TouchWiz is a major turn off... but, there's always Apex on the Google Market :) and I'm sure now that Samsung has released source code CM9 will hit the S3 in no time flat :D
There's elements of TW that I like... but I'd love a "With Google" version of the phone. If I get the phone I'd probably stick ADW or some other launcher on it for a few weeks, then as soon as CM had a release candidate it would be off to the races...
I suspect that most of these nice new features are heavily integrated into TouchWiz and are not standalone... which if true means that an XDA build may very well lose a lot of the niceties like S Voice and Smart Stay
Software keys for the win. None of this iPhone home button crap.
+Daniel Bentley Yep...but you gotta lose some to win some...although i think you underestimated XDA's ability to rip features from OEM build. :) I personally won't cry over features build into touchwiz if i can get vanilla ICS on a powerful device like this.
if Samsung continues to release more source after today's release... that would be awesome for Android as a whole
Asus came darn close with the Transformer Prime, it has flaky signal so they're having to hand out free boosters. And it's once again caused by the aluminum casing just like iPhone
I cant understand all the hate, of course Samsung is going to put touch wiz on their device they paid for it . Samsung attempted to differentiate from other android manufacturers and came up with some unique features that if they were on an iphone the fanboys would be praising on all their blogs we in the android army just complain and find fault.
+Marlon Thompson Im in the same line. I think there was a lot that Samsung put into the software that should make its way back into android in Jellybean.
+Marlon Thompson one of the design goals of Android 4 was to make it so manufacturers wouldn't feel the need to replace the launcher and instead could just customize the official launcher, providing a more consistent experience for users. HTC and Samsung have both been ignoring this, which is sad because ICS's launcher is beautiful, while TouchWiz is still stuck on Android 2.x appearance and SenseUI barely resembles Android at all.

I like the tech enhancements that Samsung put in for the S3, I just hope they're not tied to TouchWiz
+Edward Lewis Yes, Duarte and crew made ICS to be less prone to skinning. What they didn't understand is that these companies are in competition with each other and need to be able to differentiate their software bonuses from the others. TouchWiz is Samsung's take on Android and what is missing. If you don't like it then buy the phone.later after root and ROMs have come out. If you want pure Android get a Nexus. That is what its for. OEM skins are there for a reason.
Probably a Multitasking Button. I hope..^^
Don't blame me, but I prefer the design of the Galaxy Nexus, it looks more elegant. Just my opinion.
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