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Hell Yea, i am in!
Hoping to be the first Aussie to win one of these great looking unit's.
I'm on Twitter trying to find the post. Darned slow Twitter. LMBO
+LadyDi M Our twitter is on a delay, but you don't need to re-tweet the message to enter, you need to tweet the one we specify in the instructions.
I'm in!! This and my Gnex would be a nice ICS combo!!
Done, (except FB lol), good luck all :)
Another contest I can't enter because Google Docs is blocked at my work. :(
I'm sooooooooooooooooo on board with this!
Will I be the first in Switzerland to win such prize ;)
No Bosnia and Herzegovina again, well, at least give a reason why we are not included. But, please don't try to get out of it with the unstable region talk. :-)
I'm in Venezuela and I can't participate :-(
Best of luck to all, but hope I am the lucky winner.
Is there a particular reason why ACT, Australia always gets excluded?
This is the tablet that other tablets want to be when they grow up.
I'm in. Can't think of a better Christmas present
Already had half this done lol
Enter.....Now the waiting .....
Noel K
This will be the best Christmas present ever.
[rolling] [c'mon baby papa needs some dubs!] [whoops wrong forum...]
iwant this tab gient it is the best tab
Hey! You never know. Maybe this time i will be the lucky one
I so Want that Tablet !!!!
Oh yeah added and shared! ha. 
I think it's THE BEST giveaway this year... or ever!
+Android Police I just have to say you guys are ridiculously awesome. This thing is barely even on the market and you're already giving one away.
I hope this viral advertising you're doing brings you lots of new page hits - you'll have made several people's Christmases very happy indeed!
awesome giveaway.thanks AP for including INDIA in your eligible country's list..
Aaah man I want this tablet so much!
Len Art
Kevin F
Good luck to me...
I´m in for such a great give-away :) Especially since it´s not even released in Sweden!
Wow!! 2322 shares in google+ ?? How am I going to win! :P
Man I would die if I won this I really want it =)
hey.. Hey... HEY... HOO! Stop sharing guys ! This is sooo much...MINE ! :)
So looking forward to being surprised by winning something this season... :D
Hi... =] This tablet looks nice... hopefully its better than the ipads... apple sux
Please let me win , I dont have it.....
thanks just what i always wanted
lets hope i get this for christmas... hehe
ho ho ho, am I too late? Just shared!
I really love the back of this tablet and I'd like to see it in flesh :)
Hope I win and good luck to you all!
goodnight and good me winning this!!!!!
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