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Even without, it's a great app. Love it on my iPad.
I'm running the leaked SIII great on my phone, however I wish there was a tablet specific version as it doesnt impress much on my TouchPad with CM9
It makes me actually look at Facebook comments to be honest - but it does need G+ integration as well as FB/Twitter.
However - G+ does actually remind me of Flipboard now with the recent changes
I hope it actually works, unlike the leaked one.
Works fine for me.
Had it for a while but I followed everything in my pages circle on G+ so it was redundant #Uninstalled
Heres another one waiting for the tablet version, should be awesome
The leaked version is not very good on my Galaxy Nexus. If I try to go back to the first page it "jerks" back to the second. Sometimes when scrolling it flashes the previous page for a second or so. Sometimes no matter how much I swipe to scroll it just shows the same page even though it briefly shows the page I was trying to scroll to.
Been working great on my Xperia S. Use this app all the time. Just wish it had a way to mark all Google Reader articles as read.
Been using the S3 Flipboard apk on my Samsung Captivate Glide, ever since XDA leaked it, without any issues :)
Using it on my SGS II and on my Asus Transformer. I love it! Was using the hacked apk prior but the beta version is great!
Switched to the beta version too, but it has bugs in landscape mode, couldn't find the report bugs option?
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