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So the first Exynos 5 device is... A Chromebook? Interesting.
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I might buy this to run jellybean 5250 for the win
Thanks Captain Obvious...
I have an original Google chromebook, and I really dig it. Well worth it for a browser based OS.
But this has exynos 5250 next generation mobile cpu
Pretty sure no one here assumes a Chrome book runs Android
False. My non techy friends thought something running a Google OS meant it ran Android. Some of them still do think that I'm sure, even after proper explanation. 
Google OS = Chrome OS. If someone thinks a CHROMEbook with CHROMEos runs Android, techy or not, they are just plain stupid. And why would you tell people, 'hey this runs Google OS'? That's a horrible explanation...

Regardless, those that are that stupid probably aren't on Google+, or following +Android Police so the explanation here didn't make much sense 
+Rob Aymett I prefer to use the word "unknowing". My experience with people is that there are a lot of intelligent people, but they know very little, and live inside a little box...
I am just thinking of getting it because it is $249 dollars. While I love Android the tablets are not that great. The TF201 (Asus Prime) that I have I fun to play with but start trying to use Google Docs and it becomes a nightmare.
Just for your interest, Android x86 project can run in a ChromeBook as it does in a normal pc ;)
Ppl on xda will be running jelly bean on this beast soon.
Thanks michael brown u didnt get my point those things u showed are last gen a9 processor this one is a15 architecture based exynos 5250 cpu and this is the first one to have that chip.
+Philip Oakley @ or + is the same, G+ is translating it as long as you choose the correct person and press enter of course  ;)
I'm happy with my Chromebook 550 but I wish it had the ports that this one has.
I am quite happy with my chromebook, while I may use my windows laptop or desktop more when I know I won' tbe going anywhere for a while, if I know I'm going to be out and about and may have a quick stop somewhere it's great to have the ability to break out the chromebook for some quick surfing and checking of things. It may not be as pocket convenient as a smart-phone, but if I'm, say, in a coffee shop for a few minutes and need to check on a few things that a smart phone can't fully display properly or provide fully it's a great option. Also, most chromebooks actually have a mechanical switch which unlocks the boot sector and allows you to fiddle with it and even install new operating systems. There's guides for a number of them out there.
Err, it's not going to be easy to port android to these, at least not for quite some time, unless Samsung has changed their information release practices with regards to Exynos SoCs. Developers of Samsung devices have given up on future Exynos devices so good luck trying to start from scratch.
Yes Ibrahim thats why cynagenmod not releasing m nightlies for exynos based cpu phone.
Why does samsung tread the line. Imo the keyboard looks really close to mac style which is a big turn off to me. I cant be the only one that noticed that
+leo Finn  It looks like the HP Envy keyboard. Except it is missing the Windows key, or on the Mac the Apple Command key, the shift and alt keys are longer, there is a dedicated search button and no F keys. Oh yeah and one more thing,
Yes, you are the only one who noticed it. Know why? Because you went looking for something that wasn't there to add flames to a "war" that doesn't matter to anyone other than a couple of Samsung's divisions and Apple.
This is a steal guys for 249 even 100gb google drive for 2 years cost 250 so basically u getting for free
+Kendall Cabrera no offense, but you picked the worst possible comparison. I have an Envy and I will readily admit that it looks quite a lot like a Macbook. Samsung does seem to toe the line quite a bit with regards to Apple imitation but personally I don't really care, other than wishing they would branch out more with their own designs like they did with the SGS3.
+Ibrahim Awwal Add the Acer Timeline Aspire laptops as well. Actually, you can even add the old Voodoo laptops too, as they had this same chicklet style keyboard. It looks similar because it has black keys on a shiny "chrome" metal background. If you actually look at the keys, placement and design, then it starts looking different. 
True, the Voodoo Envy laptops had a similar style keyboard, but it's undeniable that the HP Envys have been more and more like Macbooks overall, not just the keyboard. But yes, a lot of companies use chiclet keys. Some do it well (the Envy keyboard is actually really amazing to type on) and some kind of suck, but it is pretty common. Also with the industry transitioning to clickpads instead of the discrete touch buttons, a lot of laptops are starting to look like Macbooks. But this one is a little more noticeably Mac-like IMO, especially with the arrow keys for instance. But again, not like anyone should really care, other than the fact that Samsung needs to start innovating more with their design so that they can stop getting caught in Apple's crosshairs.
Question, bad enough that Motorola has announced that they will no longer continue with their Webtop Desktops, and now that Google has now purchased Motorola why isn't that Webtop technology being integrated into the Google Chromebooks? Thought Google was supposed to try combine their two operating systems into one overall operating system?
So this thing costs $250 but to get an unlocked exynos powered Note 2 its how much off contract?
+Kendall Cabrera   I am a huge android fanatic, I hate apple with a passion.  The reason I noticed it was because I am in an office full of Isheep so yes I do notice things like that.
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