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US only? I'm totally okay with that : P
alright, i'm done messin' around. i'm winning this one! haha #iwish
U.S only? Not cool... also your random selection is not transparent enough since you don't describe which algorithm/application you use to do that selection... Lame contests... that's what it is...
everyone else is running it worldwide; not cool at all
+Rui Oliveira, you ok? Sounds like therapy is needed. Just saying.
+Rui Oliveira, i would agree with you IF this was a contest where you had to do a lot of work to enter. if i had to create something to be judged or even to enter the lottery then i would really want the contest to be as transparent and fair as possible.... it's a silly little online raffle where you just have to enter a comment. get over yourself and quit being such a jerk.

you could have just said, "hey guys, how exactly are winners chosen? would love to see more transparency in your contests" but you didn't. #DontBeADick
+Rui Oliveira Chillax... Just joking with you. No soap box needed. It is what it is and that's all there is to it. Don't like it, move on! It's a raffle. If your butthurt, go to one of the sites that's doing the same internationally. I tend to agree with +Rudy Rivapalacio... #DontBeADick !!
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