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Our biggest giveaway yet.

Note: US only (sorry guys, these are US-carrier only devices, and Samsung's USA division is sponsoring.)
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i really hope for the day of an international giveaway... best of luck to you on the US.
Love seeing these great give away's. Thanks AP ( and Samsung) for the great work.
the international love... you turn it off like a switch. :(

Does one person win all these goodies?
+David Gillis No - 5 devices, 5 winners. We've clarified that, as you're right - it was a little unclear if you didn't read the fine print.
I hope I win this giveaway! :D
It's the most wonderful time of the year, thanks android police for your awesome giveaways
Thank you for the wonderful android giveaways!
Hope I win can't really afford such a high end device
Jon H
I really need a second Nexus so my girlfriend doesn't hate me when I buy mine next week! :)
Good luck to all of us, looks like an awesome stash of goodies.
Good luck to me... bad luck to everyone else.
I wish I could be part of these giveaways, here in Argentina there is no option to buy Nexus devices. My Galaxy SII is a great phone, but Nexus are just amazing.
Good Luck US guys! And Merry Xmas from the south!
I've been asking santa for great gifts this year and any of these would be great.
Good giveaway, thanks for all the news, gadgets and merry christmas to all
Another awesome giveaway! Good luck all!
If u don't have a galaxy nexus you don't know what your missing!!!!!
I just need to get away from my crappy MOTO phones. Always having issues, and with my laptop dead,a tablet would be nice for putting in applications online again.
I'm a current Droid X user... recently unemployed... and hoping/ drooling over this giveaway.
Jon E.
Oh my lordy, can't wait to win one of these suckers! Any will do!!!
If I get this it'll be amazing I will return the one I have and get my $300 back and that's perfect
would be an awesome gift for my gf and to start hacking away at some roms
I always participate but never win, please choose me so I can tell everybody how great Android Police is !!
Merry Christmas everyone! Good luck to all!
Bump that I'll take what ever I can get I'm under 30 days with my gnexus so I can get my 370 back and still have one #pow
Noo, I didnt win win. I mean I win. I hope.
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