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I agree Ive been using it for the majority of the time, has anyone tried it on tablets?
I would like to see a comparison between this and Nova Launcher...
Which ever of the two gets the option to apply icon packs first wins me over
I like Apex Launcher but I stick with Nova Pro for ONE reason: Apex doesn't use the stock entering app drawer animation. On the stock and Nova launchers, the icons on the active homescreen begin to pull back JUST a little before the app drawer ones enter quickly from the outer edges of the screen. Apex Launcher doesn't use the slight pull back of the icons on the active homescreen and I've grown quite used to it. (Silly, I know.) The bouncy sliding app drawer is nice, though.
I would stick with Apex but it gets laggy in the app drawer a lot.
Go Launcher is where its at. Its crazy fast on my S2 and has tons of features and customization options.
+Michael Church Go Launcher on ICS? I don't know if I can get on that train, Sir. Glad that it's working out for you, though.
+Michael Church Oh, I just prefer the ICS-born launchers on ICS. The better Go Launcher ICS skins are great, but I just find that Nova and Apex work better with ICS. I'm sorry if I my comments came off the wrong way. I should have kept my opinions to myself probably, Sir. Good day.
See the problem with all these ics launchers is they are all wrote slow when compared with stock, that's why i still use stock on my nexus s
+pawan nimje on my nexus s 4.0.4 ics not really. the animations on the ics based launchers are much faster and smoother than the stock one, thats y i use nova right now
+Alex Vartanian doesn't Nova already allow you to apply ADW icons? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? I like my BuuF icons :)
guys important lol nvm decided to give this a try n replace nova on my nexus s runing 4.0.4 and its amazing!!!!definetely choose it, animations are good and smooth, responsive, quick, fast, and much more options and features. i love the tablet animation. GO apex!!
+Justin Hall I was only curious if there was something I was missing. This s2 is my first Android device so I'm not that experienced and onlywas on gingerbread for a few weeks. Cm9 is excellent.
Love it app drawrer doesnt get laggy at all for me. Using the fade in/out for the ipening n clocsing of drawer, the fade in/out animation works great on the drawer as it looks good, quick and really smooth
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