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And reportedly with 2GB of RAM. Sweet little device.
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nope, but actually may perform better than the quad
Is the gpu still adreno 220 with s4 processor?
But why is the battery icon green. Urgh. I want cyber-blue dammit!
+rajan nakarmi adreno 225. The 320 is said to be coming this fall. According to the tmo post I shared
B+ for internal hardware, but Fail for build quality. Take some lessons from HTC. Make me feel like what I'm holding is worth $500 instead of the plastic crap Sammy is selling. Can't stand the cheap! Plastic feel of Samsuck phones. I hope that the next Nexus device is quad core, HTC, 32gb on board expandable 32gb, 720p Super AMOLED plus 4.65 to 4.8 with next to no bezel.
You think the feel of it is bad? Have you seen this thing in a drop test? It failed to beat the iPhone 4S. Drop that phone on it's front and you aren't going to be doing much of anything with it. 
+Graigoree Jones  That drop test simulated dropping the devices 3 times & 3 different ways, on a hard outside surface! Not too many phones will do well in that situation.  Hopefully, no one here will drop their phones, 3 times successively, outside without a protective case on it! 
Weird, I saw the iphone 4S crack totally on the first drop.
Took the SGS3 around 7-8 drops flat on it´s face before it looked anything near the way the 4S.
So get a case for it if your that clumsy... ;)   
HELL YES!!!!! Can't wait for this to drop!
Yes yes you are all right. But compared to its older brothers that is sorta pitiful. I mean the One X is just as thin and I saw someone using that as a hammer. Im not saying the S 3 is bad and you shouldn't get one, but for the follow up to the most sold android phone series of... 2011 right, they should have spent more time making it look appeasing, making it durable, and making the OS skin less intrusive. I mean I like the phone but its disappointing :P

Also if on a rare occasion you happen to drop your phone face first that's $500 gone until you can get it fixed. Yes the iphone did crack on the first drop but as far as I saw in the video I watched the thing was still able to work and display things.
+Graigoree Jones again the phone in the video is first dropped on it's end and then on it's face.  The end drop damaged the screen and possible some of the other elements of the phone. This is something to be concerned about, but if you are going to spend $500 for your phone, shouldn't you protect that investment as much as possible?
That's why I case most of my phone, and also have insurance on them.
They all have control in their own ways. We just fight back with root.
Eul Cam
4G5? what is the 5 for?
Its OK with dual core. Double RAM is very nice!! But I'm not liking that design. I don't like the smooth back go for me.
For those of you saying no to this phone are crazy. This will turn out to be phone of the year, hands down!
Tim KH
Damn sprint better get 2GB
Eul Cam
+Tim KH the 5 that are coming to the U.S (so far) are all reported to have 2GB... Thanks +Tony Allen 
Too bad it is dual core.  Spent enough on my GNex not buying anything until we see quad core.  LTE is supposed to be a more global standard but yet they can't get it working with Exynos.  2GB is a nice touch and about time but I am about ready to ditch Big Red for a carrier that can actually release a phone the way it is designed.
+Justin Ellenbecker, It is supposed to be coming to all carriers this month, not just Verizon. The reason the Exynos processor hasn't been working with the LTE modem is because Samsung hasn't put forth the effort to get it to do so. Why would it when they can stick the Qualcomm S4 in there and have it handle things just as good as the Exynos for the select few carriers who want the phone plus the LTE modem. I'm with you though, I left Verizon for AT&T and haven't looked back. The only other carrier I would consider now, would be T-Mo for their excellently priced prepaid plans. $60 a month with a data speed cap and you can drop the company at any time so long as you paid for your phone outright. Sounds good to me.
This is pointless, your all arguing over who is gonna spend there money the quickest lol. This is what they want, to make you think you need to buy a phone every year. You can't compare anything honestly especially benchmarks which have nothing to do with how the device will perform.

S4 is based off of A15 architecture while the other are A9 so more efficient and multiple cores don't matter because ICS is the only version that utilizes it, aside from that apps are single threaded so only use one core at the Max clock speed.

GPU alone isn't black and white due to the fact its configured differently by dedicated and shared plus mobile architectures are different than PC's also benchmarks only really measure if anything hardware against the software which touchwiz and Sense have all been tweak one way are another
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