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I work at cricket. The mail in rebate can take months to get back. Our 4g network is only 10mb down and our 3g network is pitiful too. 
These phones don't have any latent gsm abilities hiding do they? Looks like cricket rides off sprints crappy network mostly..
+Android Police Not a problem. and +Sam Sacharoff these are not able to be used on GSM from what I've seen. Just like Verizon devices, the SIM card is strictly for LTE connectivity. And yes, Cricket is unable to afford a solid LTE rollout, which is why a lot of the LTE we do happen to have is from Sprint. In my market there is no LTE and our download speeds are hovering around 0.5mb.
This doesn't appear to be available in all areas.  When I go to the Cricket web site and enter my zip code in Minnesota, these phones do not appear as an option.
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