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Jens H.
Traditionally the Dialer and the Contacts app would be opening quite slow as well .. how's that on the Note3? :)
i've always wondered why this happened, it did this on the S3 as well
Out of curiosity - I noticed Dropbox thumbnails as well. Is this issue still present for those who don't use dropbox/other cloud integrated services? Is this a first time opening it or is this after a few times?
Same on Note2. Switching off any online galleries helps ... Switching gallery apps fixes it 
Maybe Samsung should have hard coded the gallery down as a Benchmark app to get it going. 
I have a feeling this is related to the Internet connectivity...this is really a software setting issue rather than a speed issue.
It is at this point that Samsung should realize their customizations to android are killing the user experience for people.
I use quickpic on my Note II. Samsung really does suck at gallery apps :/
Samsung = Awesome hardware + terrible software. 
its a fuckin*g hater, he sure has 250.000.00 ultra HD 4k images there...OFCOURSE IT WILL BE SLOW! -_-
I have an SGS4 and an SGS2 before that, I've never had this problem. I just tried, even with G+ and Facebook sync, plus internal SD and a large external SD, it loads in less than 1 second.
T-Mobile Note 3 Gallery pops right up. 
+Manuel Salcedo you got to be kidding me, man. They are just showing what they've experienced  it with the phone
Well, for smarter people there is 'Quickpic' gallery app.
+Manuel Salcedo Come on, dude, lol. I had a Note 2 and the stock Samsung gallery was pathetic.
Jody B
I have zero issues like this on my Note 3. I completed setup over Data (no wifi) and saw Nothing like this. My S4 had this issue and it drove me nuts.
I have no problem
At all. I think only 5% chances are it's company's fault n most of the time it happens to only those people who don't know how to use a smart phone. 
Well I always said TW sucks. It needs to be rewritten like sense 5.
Htc one has my Dropbox and Facebook and g+ and it loads instantly so why doesn't this
+Ankit Kumar Ron is over the android section of Ars. Are you seriously suggesting he doesn't know how to use a smart phone? Lol. As he said it does it when you have a lot of Dropbox & Google+ pictures. You probably don't. 
Even if it user error it's a companies job to make sure they don't have errors 
No matter how much data it's pulling or what it's doing, this is terrible user experience and should not be handled this way. Pagination, progress bars, limits, warnings - anything. This is a fail.

(And yes, it doesn't happen to every single person. It must mean it's stupid and fake!!!1one). -______-
Geesh...I literally have my brand new S4 sitting here unopened and I kinda feel sick now...
No problem here with 600+ pictures on phone /google+/dropbox. 
+Artem Russakovskii  +Fabian Pineda and everyone else:

I have 5GB of stuff on my Dropbox (mostly zipped up APKs, system images, RAW files, and other stuff that the Gallery wouldn't display), considering the Note 3 comes with 50GB of free dropbox storage, I don't think you can call 5GB a crazy amount of data.

The Note 3 Gallery takes a while to load when it's not in memory. You can pretty reliably trigger this by hitting back to close (or better yet, force close) the app and opening it again.  It might take 2 or 3 attempts for a minute + load time, but it happens very frequently. A "fast" initial load is like 10 seconds. Which is still horrible.

When the Gallery is already in the memory, it naturally loads faster. Albums, however, _always_ take 10+ seconds to open. Even tiny albums with less than 10 pictures.

If you disable the dropbox integration, or just don't sign into dropbox, it works much quicker, I would still call it "slow," but Dropbox seems to be the root of the problem. I would love to see what happens when you actually have 50GB of stuff on Dropbox. Does it take 10x longer to load? 

+Daniel Bobke It's not an internet issue. The phone has been synced for several days, and the long load times still happen with airplane mode on. You can monitor the CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, and Network activity with System Monitor, and literally nothing is happening while the screen is black.
Nothing beats a Nexus for speed & smoothness.

+Android Police should do a head to head for loading apps and settings, and watch last years LESS THAN HALF PRICE Nexus 4 destroy this touchwiz bloated crap. 
Tries the same thing on his S4... well glad mine is not using Copy. No such issue here.
Use QuickPic lol. All OEMs need to use stock Android. Worry about making great devices and let Google worry about updating it. Its a nobrainer. Not sure why they can't see the profit margins on that proposal. 
Gallery opens in less than 1 second every time after closing or reboot. After reboot loading an album of more than 350 photos takes about 10 seconds.
Loading 5GB from dropbox will of course take longer and is dependent on speed.
So no problem for me. 
I only base opinions on my own experiences. My experiences with Samsung phones so far have been more than fine. S4 works like a beauty up to this point. 
YEAH but look how deep those black levels are on the screen.
This is probably the same bug that I have in my Note 2.  The fix, is to turn off wifi.  No more sluggish gallery.  Im curious to know if this works. 
Guess I'll be switching to Quick Pic gallery app when I get my 3.
Happens to my s3 along with the "unable to load picture" issue, although not to this extreme. And no, the connection isn't at fault it's the gallery. Trying to open it through Gmail to attach a picture is even worse. It's always sluggish, especially compared to the vanilla app.
Pulling pictures from sd, g+/Picasa and Facebook. Not a huge amount either... Few hundred at best. It's simply poor coding. 
+Artem Russakovskii Good question. There are a whooping 4 videos in my dropbox, which take up 1.2 GB.

I have 13,600 PNGs and Jpegs, which sounds like a lot, until you realize they only take up 800MB. It's a mix of giant Jpegs from my DSLR and tiny APK image files from teardowns. That gives me an  average picture size of 0.05MB.

If I filled the default 2GB of storage with of pictures with that average, I would have 40,000 pictures.

If I filled the free 50GB of dropbox storage the Note 3 comes with, I would have 1,000,000 pictures.

If you pay cash-money for the top end dropbox plan, which is 500GB of space, you would have 10,000,000 pictures.

There's also the 1TB business plan, in which case you would be dealing with 20,000,000 pictures. By the time the Note 3 Gallery loaded that, it would be time to upgrade to the Note 4.

I know 13,600 is a big number, but it's not fair to say anything about it when I'm only using 1.6% of the 50GBs of storage space, and Dropbox scales way, way, way higher than that.

TL;DR: It's a really stupid idea to sync dropbox pictures to anything.
+Manuel Salcedo Read the YouTube video description, it says what is in his gallery. Calm the frig down. 
Your internet sucks, man. :D
Just disable Picasa and Dropbox content on Content Type. ;)
something is wrong with your phone, i bought one of these and it opens up really quick i had dropbox synced...which equals almost 2000 pictures
Tim KH
I just installed the stock android camera app which also gave me the stock gallery app aswell. Win win
This happens with my note 2..slow to open gallery from any apps as well. Installed stock gallery and opens very fast
+Alessandro Johnny It's not the internet. Like I said earlier, it still happens in airplane mode.

Plus I have 22Mb/s down and the fastest router you can buy, an Asus RT-AC66U.
My note 2 did that as well when I first loaded it. It syncs everything in your DropBox and picasa (g+). I think it depends on your download speeds. everything was fine after disabling them. 
Just tried on my Note 2 and it took a good 8-10 seconds to load fully (10 sec on 1st try, 8 sec on 2nd attempt)

Opened the stock Android gallery and everything loaded pretty close to instantly.

Also have issues with the phone app loading slowly too.

C'mon Nexus 5 please be good
Maybe you should delete some Junk off your phone.
+Jordan Harrell mate did you even read my comment properly ?? I think you should read what I just said in my comment again.. n get back to me if you have any questions. 
Tim KH
+Ron Amadeo you also have to consider that it is loading a preview for each photo. Just like you would when you go to My Files, it loads a preview. The folder in the gallery is loading every preview before the folder opens up.
+Ron Amadeo if Note 3 comes with free 50 GB Dropbox storage they better make the Dropbox experience smooth for the users or don't give Dropbox storage at all, unlike this! It is amazing to see such many cores and big RAM still defeated by the "amazing" Touchwiz.
+Tim KH if that's the reason, then I have to argue as to why it does this? Why does it not open the gallery fully, and THEN load the previews. You could at least then see what it is doing and have a functional phone whilst it does it. What it boils down to is bad programing.

People here can argue semantics all they like, but the fact remains that if Samsung have provided the syncing feature, it needs to work. Disabling parts to get it working suggests that they shouldn't be part of the package in the first place. 
I don't have this issue on my S4, syncing Picasa pictures. It loads instantly, fast enough to make me hit the back button if it ever doesn't show up in 2 seconds. Had this been a "normal" circumstance, they wouldn't be selling this many Galaxies.
+JP Palacio because people buy the galaxies based on the speed of the gallery app, right? Nothing to with how the phone looks or its marketing ?

Bad programing is bad programing. It creates an inconsistent user experience which is exactly what you're proving. 
+Jamie Key I suppose skipping steps may have confused you. Had it been a common issue, people would be pissed and tell their friends, reviewers would plaster it all over the web, and people would avoid it. ..and they wouldn't sell as many.

I apologize. I thought it was self-explanatory.
Perhaps stop google + and dropbox?  Just an idea :)
Thts the reason why I hate samsung
Tim KH
+Jamie Key Odd on mine when I replicated this before posting I tried it out. Every photo was loaded when the folder opened.

And it is true. Design issues may be the case.
He sync his images from dropbox. Misguided video. Shame on you!
+stan wong How is he misguided when he is simply using a FEATURE SAMSUNG INCLUDES.

Thats like buying a car and saying "You can't use the stereo and the lights at the same time as it will drain the battery and cause the car to stall".

If you are not supposed to sync from Dropbox, then he shouldn't be able to in the first place.
+Mohd Zaini he was using sync not what was on the actual phone! Funny how Samsung is winning the andriod side of smart phones so I guess you out of millions not liking Samsung doesn't really matter.
The video is rigged and was probably funded by Apple. The YouTube description for the video says he's pulling the photos from a DropBox folder 5GB in size, which is littered with zipped APK's and photos.

The gallery is attempting to iterate each of those files as an image, which times-out due looking like corrupted jpg's, until it reaches the end of time over who-knows how fast Internet.

I played with the Note 3 in the store, and even after all the crap that was installed on it by passers-by hasn't caused it to slow down.

To Android haters: even if this turns out to be flaw in the gallery, it can simply be replaced by any comparable app from the Play Store, and set as the new system-wide default. Unlike iOS, which would require an entire OS update.
+James Dugan for the record, I own the S3 and dislike apple products to the extent that I do not foresee myself ever owning one. However, just because people find fault with a product, doesn't mean the fault doesn't exist or are 'haters'. Just wanted to get that straight :-) 
Let just all report the post and video since clearly he's syncing and not just opening the gallery. 
i didn't have that problem. Maybe you're one of the few unlucky? It could be that your internet is slow.
Some early adopters of the Crapsung Note III are so butthurt they became blind to reality ...talking about deep anal fatigue ,holy crap guys lighten up! Android Police ftw!!!
+Anthony Fewell lol...but that shouldn't happen for fuck's sake ,you don't see the problem ?? It won't open the friggin gallery quickly! he also said it happens the same in airplane mode
+Tomi Golob he has it in sync not the actual gallery like I said before. Not once has this happened to any of the note 3 phones I have seen. We'll see with the Verizon one on the 10th. Dropbox takes way longer like knowledge of trolling video's. 
Tim KH
+Tomi Golob Greatest thing about android is choice. If you dont like Samsung you can choose Huawei. Or LG.
Dropbox is well known for fast upload slow download when syncing your object. So it is not the phone, it's the cloud storage speed comparison. ;]
+Tomi Golob +Anthony Fewell the reason it happens in airplane is because the gallery is iterating 5GB of zipped apk's that have been cached into the SD card. It tries to open each one unsuccessfully
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