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OCD overload. Goooooooooooooooooooogle, fixitfixitfixit!
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I really was hoping I wasn't the only one to notice it. FIXITFIXITFIXIT.
Aw goddamnit, lol. Like an itch you can't scratch.
I'm confused, what's the problem? 
i dont see any problem there :D
apps is not job here is done!
good catch! It's a good thing police is part of your jurisdiction. Make them obey!
Wishlist is a feature, apps are many. Grammatically this is correct and you're wrong +Android Police :-( 
Can totally understand why your ocd is flaring, but go to bed ;-) 
Lol --> [+++++++-] that threw me off more than the "a"
I did look. My apps is there and wish list. Still don't see it 
I didn't notice it until now, but thanks for pointing it out. Now my OCD is going berserk.
LOLZ! To be honest, I haven't even looked at the play store recently to see if its the new one.., I guess I should check it out, so at least it'll give me something to find fault with...
Er... I just checked my play store v3... And it's the same... Soooooo... Not only is the mistake an OLD one, but it doesn't look to have been er, NOTICED... let alone fixed... Maybe v5... 
I'm pretty sure it's fixed now, btw... d/I'd new store when I installed CM10.1 
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