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The block where I'm at blocked it for "Hate and Discrimination". :p
If you don't know what the back button is going to do, I don't know what to tell you...
The Messenger icon used to work correctly but they broke it a few updates ago.
of course it's not perfect or they wouldn't be working on next build it would just be the final build
It's a human creation.  There will always be room for improvement.  Now, have you sent this commentary to the folks who work on Android +Android Police ?  It would be useful feedback to them.
How about google now / voice recognition? One can dictate a message, but can't voice-command to send it, have to press a SEND button! 
Messenger and Talk desperately need to be merged.
Scott B
+Sam Session I think to add to that I would take messenger,talk, google voice and hangouts and merge them into one skype like competitor
+Chris Jacobs If you think pointing out the flaws in Android is "useless," you're missing the point of the exercise. I think pointing out the flaws in any product, from a car, to a tablet, to your lunch can be useful when articulated appropriately. And Ron's points are all quite valid. He's not just making statements about something being "ugly" or "broken" and going on his merry way - these are intricate and well-researched explanations of problems, and more importantly, why they are problems.

What if we reviewed phones and didn't point out the flaws, and just said "well, it isn't perfect, but what is?" How useful is that as advice to consumers? Pointing out problems is the biggest part of getting those problems fixed. If people never voiced complaints about Android's aesthetics, we'd probably still be stuck with the ugly Gingerbread launcher and all those awful gradient elements. Look at BlackBerry for god's sake, no one complains about the aesthetics because no one cares, and what you don't ask for, you don't get.

The best part of these sorts of posts is that at some point in the future, Google will probably fix some of these things. And then, we can go back and look at them, and say "Cool, this was a real problem, and Google understood that and addressed it." Being dismissive doesn't help anyone.
Just one minor nitpick for the Google Voice icon.

It makes sense because it's MORE than just a "texting app" since I personally use it as my voicemail catcher, and for making international calls. It more than makes sense.
Yes. The back button. The freaking back button is broken! I don't use it much anymore. I use use home and recent
Basically everything about this post is about specific Google Apps. Not the Android OS.
Here I thought these would be issues with the Android system, but it seems that the vast majority of these problems are stock application problems? Perhaps a better title would be 'Stock Android Applications Aren't Perfect'
Awesome post ! +Yagnesh Revar, you will happy to read this. This post shows why so many people prefer Apple. Hope to see Android becoming relatively stable and "bug-free" in the future.
If it was perfect they would no longer need a team of developers.  Nothing designed by a human being is perfect, everything has flaws.  That is why they release new versions and patches.
To everyone saying "this is a critique of Google apps" all I can say is yes, and? That was the entire point of this review. Stock Android without Google apps and without Touchwiz or Sense or whatever is pretty bare, arguably useless
The standard messaging app is called messaging, not Voice. You would only ever use Voice if you had your number connected to Google Voice...
Jelly been is the most user friendly and feature packed release to date. I've been here since 1.5 and to see it grow to this stage us incredible.

Now try and do a "Things I can't stand about cupcake"

See you in 2017!!!
+Tommy Thompson as a phone off the shelf yes. If you build the OS yourself, Gapps are not included.
hey +Ron Amadeo , for the recent apps and Gmail/gallery example, you weren't by any chance using the gallery to attach the picture, then immediately press home or recent apps right?

I kinda found out that if you did an embedded action (not sure what android dev speak is), it will always pop back into that embedded app (gallery, in this case)
+Nathaniel Graham I do not have any intention to make this into another Apple Vs. Android thing. These are real issues which Android needs to work around ! (And I have heard this from Apple fans)
No Stock Android device I've owned has handled the Motorokr Bluetooth Headset right, the more stock the worse. My non-stock phone could handle it for calls, and anything with audio, but not with other voice or video call software like Groove IP; the audio works but not the mic. It's even worse on the Xoom or the N7... play a native video file, and it works fine as a headset... play a non-native video for Netflix, Xfinity, streaming on the web, etc... and you usually get an obnoxious audio delay. Try to use it for a voice or video chat service and you're lucky if you can get even the audio to come through the headset... if it does it's with a horrible delay... and the mic still won't work. Except, strangely, it works for a second if you get a notification. WTF? This is a Motorola headset with universal Bluetooth support, works on everything else dagnabit! Even worked briefly after a stock Honeycomb update for the Xoom, then stopped working after a later update!

Then there's the G Talk Video/Hangouts integration... if I call a friend not on G+ with it, it asks them to sign up, but if they call me, we can use it, but the video freezes a lot! And even though she's not on G+, her call to me initiates a Hangout, even though I've got video capability in the G Talk app, and can't call her because it tries to make her join. Arrrgh!
+Android Police i like this article and i agree with all your suggestions more or less. But i have found 1 mistake in the article which makes it even more confusing. I talk about Messenger and Talk.
The "Messenger" App is not for G+, its some kind of standalone messenger, dont know how to call it correctly. GTalk is the G+ Messenger App.
In my first days with android i was very confused which i should use to speak to a friend who also had an android phone because i thought the same thing like you. But i mentioned that if i write a message via messenger, i dont see it in G+. But if i use GTalk, i can see the whole conversation on the G+ site on my PC.
... unlike Apple products, Google keeps a public bug/suggestion board.   Have you submitted these for review along with the article, or are you just griping? :-P
+Birol Cin "Messenger" is the phone-specific G+ messaging app.  If you open it up, it takes you to G+ "Messenger" section on your phone, but doesn't show up on the desktop.
Great review of all the annoyances of stock android/GApps.  Agreed entirely on the back button issues and the inconsistencies between, or even within, the various GApps.  
Huge +1 on this post. You nailed the differently-sized app icons. I love that icons in Android aren't uniform, like irritating iOS squircles; I want icons to be different shapes and take the form of the symbol for the app (Maps is a folded traditional square map, Google Earth is a round globe, etc.). But lock icons into a uniform size; the tiny Latitude icon does look ridiculous next to the huge Local icon in the launcher.

I've been annoyed with the Gallery app since Google redesigned it for Froyo. It's been buggy and obtuse ever since. I've had my Verizon GNex since December and I just figured out how to fix the bug that prevents you from uploading to Picasa in 4.0.4 (has to do with account credentials).

The uniformity problems aren't as bad as they sound, though. Every OS has inconsistencies. If you spend time with iOS, you quickly realize that for all of Apple's claims of uniformity, there are plenty of UI inconsistencies and inconveniences. For example, the notification window in iOS uses font sizes, icons, and toggles used nowhere else in the OS.

I would love if Google locked the back button to operate only as in-app, previous screen navigation, used the home button exclusively for exiting an app, and used the the multitasking button to switch among apps. Switching between Play Music and Navigation in the car using the back button is a nightmare for me.
The back stack is probably the most broken of all!
Thoroughly unpredictable. Every time i use Back, it's anyone's guess where it'll take you.

It started to get a bit clear with the 'Home' icon on top left of the apps taking you one tier higher within the app, but the Google+ - like sidebars ruined that.
Good article. Well presented, thorough run down of things that would make a real difference. I hope +Google and +Android are taking notice, these should all be on the fix list for the next iteration.
Depending where you look in the operating system there are a lot of inconsistencies and annoyances. When I look around the operating system I still see elements from Gingerbread that just shouldn't be there. I think stock Android is better than what it was but it still needs some work. Hopefully with the next major versions of Android we see some of these inconsistencies removed. 

There are still applications that need work too. Applications that haven't had much attention or love ever since the first version of Android. I'd like to see some more functionality added to the clock application for example. 
Blasphemy! But good article.
I was ready to be annoyed with this article, but it's spot on. I feel android users have become apologists where we used to bitch at google a lot more to make things better. People get so used to saying Android is better than ios and can do no wrong.  A lot of those annoyances that are every day issues that you expect to get fixed one day and you end up getting used to.
+Chris Jacobs I agree that nothing is perfect, but shouldn't we strive for perfection? I'm an engineer and have a problem with your negativity toward constructive criticism. How do you expect ideas to be shared?
I don't agree with all of the observations Not all the observations you make in the article annoy me but thank you for writing it. It was fun to read and hopefully it will give a little extra push to the ongoing improvement of Android.
Wow! What a great article. I can understand and agree with all arguments made except one...well half of one. The contacts photo looking like crap was kinda fixed in ICS. For contact photos that I haven't updated since my G1, they still look like crap on my GNex. However, any pics that I've taken since ICS look crisp. The old pics from my G1, MyTouch 4g, and Sensation should look great too...but for some reason they look like butt.
At least we can agree (At least I can) that stock Android is still better than any skin.
This is like the Key Lime Pie UI To Do list. =P
+Matias Duarte, the points that I really dislike about android are:
-Sometimes It Skips Several Previous Screens Entirely
-The Play Store Doesn't Remember Your Scroll Location
-Horizontal Support Sucks
-There Is No Way, Anywhere, To See Your Purchased Apps
-Google Makes A Million Texting Apps 

I think the point There Is No Way, Anywhere, To See Your Purchased Apps is more politics than a bug or issue. I think google is trying to hide the purchased apps in hope you will buy more apps +Andy Rubin +Vic Gundotra 

And the worst of all is:
-The Play Store Doesn't Remember Your Scroll Location

still hope for android...
Has anyone else experienced a weird (and really annoying) bug with  messaging? This is more back button schizophrenia.

Sometimes if I draft a text message, leave the app and come back later to continue drafting it if I then press back a few times a get taken back to the older version of my message (via the main messaging screen) and therefore lose my newer draft. Really odd.
On an only slightly related note, how stupid is a physical home button, handset makers? I'm talking to you +Samsung Mobile, the S3 is recent enough for you to know where this was going. Don't do it again please.

Now, back to smoothing out and improving Android....
Brilliant post. I hope they take notice. I'm sure they find this type of post constructive rather than negative, so well done.
And the two-finger gesture for expanding notifications in Jelly Bean is obscene in several countries. How about a left/right slider that's the height of the collapsed notification to expand?
Its not perfect but this was mainly whining . File your bug report and wait for key lime pie.
scroll through the comments in the Google+ app --> the scrollbar-indicator-size varies by comment! why?
Good article. I'm glad that we can look at our own favorite OS and find it's flaws, hopefully getting them noticed and fixed. With that said, I don't find the back button to be broken. It's logical, regardless of what the description says. I know Google wrote the description and wrote the apps that don't match the description, but when writing an app, the programmer dictates what the app will do. If you are reading an email in Gmail and hit back, regardless of how you got there, it makes sense that the back button takes you to the page that the app would have taken you to if you had gone in normally. You follow? You can't expect Gmail to know that when you press the back button you want to go back to app xyz.

I understand what you are trying to convey, but some of the examples don't make sense as they logically make sense (I'm convinced this is why I can't use an iPhone to save my life, they aren't as "easy" to use as people think). However, there certainly are inconsistencies, but it's like the English language; we have rules we follow, but most of them are broken to produce it's own rule.
+Mathieu Méa from the G+ post you linked "TL;DR: Back is historical navigation"

That would be awesome. I want that. Back isn't historical navigation, though, it's crazy, random navigation. The Gmail widget is a great example. Hitting back after you've navigated from the home screen to your message shouldn't open the inbox.
+Ron Amadeo It's up to the developer of the +Gmail app to choose what to do with back inside their app. In this case, they decided to go back to the mail list first and then it takes one more back to go back to the home screen.

The worst case in my own experience is when you click on the action bar "home/up icon" and it closes the app instead of staying inside the app.
The only thing I don't like about +Google is when I actually find a problem like this (with any of their products), I have absolutely no idea who to contact to actually get it addressed. I want to help you, Google, but you just make it difficult to reach out to you. All we have are your "support forums" which, from my experience, seem like nothing but a place for lost souls such as myself to weep together :( /rant
+Marc Wiethe It has always done that. I don't know if it's a bug, but it's aesthetically interesting.
Don't hesitate to spread the good word and get people to +1 this. It needs to be all over G+...
very good article, i love android, but you summed up pretty much all the bad things, hopefully someone at +Android will use this to fix the rest!
+Jesus Davalos awesome.

+Johann Dirry I had considered filing bugs for everything, but the public bug tracker is such a spammy cesspool. The top stuff is years old, things that should be closed (Android has Arabic support) aren't closed, nothing is assigned to anyone - I feel like it isn't taken seriously.
I can add another one about Play store (ok, it's not JB-specific but whatever): the inability to remove "once-installed-but-then-not-wanted-anymore" apps from your list of "installed apps" is... quite irritating.
Great article! I know some of these points have been raised before but hopefully with them all in one place it helps the design team to fix these bugs more easily. I know that as a software engineer myself this is the best kind of bug report, clear, detailed steps to reproduce and all in a nice list. I think over time I've just rationalized some of the wacky back behavior and now I know what to expect (opening another app via an intent seems to hijack the calling app's multitasking panel thingy, for instance) but it would be much better if these things were fixed.
Great write up. I especially like the Play Store not holding your scroll position. After a factory reset, this makes me rage, too, along with Music in Landscape.

Edit: and the million messaging apps. Seriously.
There are real issues with Android yet this article wastes a lot of space with non-issues (icons!).
for these reasons I have considered IOS.  Great article
i had so much fun reading it too, glad finally someone brought this up, there is very few (or no) article addressing this matter, please do more, Ron. 
All legitimate complaints. It would be great to see these fixed.
I may have never seen a rant that was as constructive as this one.

May you forever have luck in getting to your gtalk contact list. (If you need help, just fiddle with the gtalk icon and the back button until it does what you want.)
the back button losing its search is painful at times, small but very annoying

+Daniel Rose such as?
Great article :) 
The play store not going back to same scroll position boils my blood every time!
i still dont understand why media and navigation volume were linked way back when. i miss navigation volume control.
Great article, which should make a good to do list for +Matias Duarte and his team. The most annoying thing I think is the contact photos. I cry inside every time someone with a low resolution photo calls.
Just read, damn fine attention to detail. Nice job. I +1'd this only because there isn't a +100 button!
+Scott Bae  I was actually just thinking about that the other day. Especially if it did MMS, I think I'd totally just switch over to that kind of Google Voice. They have the pieces it seems, but they just need to put it together.
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