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+John Lieske I am in the same exact boat as you. They already got my money... but It is a pain to figure out.
I struggle to make tasker work as well. I'm sure someone gets it, but I don't. Just last night I tried to make it simply turn off the sound and screen if I placed it face down on a table and turn it on when I pick it up. I figured out a dozen ways to make it almost work.
The UI is sooooo difficult. I'm back on the app if they make it smoother. They could also include some pre installed templates we could modify. Go guys!! #Tasker
+Tasker is a great and very versatile tool. The interface grew through the years, that's why it seems so hard to understand. I hope, they'll revamp it soon.
I bought Tasker years ago, but until they overhaul the interface, I won't use it.
I've been hearing good things about Tasker. I've installed Llama, which is very easy to setup and use (and it's FREE!), so I haven't had much use for any other automation app. Maybe I'll try it, but not for $6.
Look at Smart Actions. A clean interface with clear controls and switches. Tasker's interface was good... When android was still called Eclair, and the OS resembled that same cluttered mess.
Wow, I've been wanting something like tasker, but after reading the comments on this post, I'll wait.
I honestly do not think the Interface is bad from a usability standpoint. Theres a bunch of example tasks one can copy and once you did that, you are going to come up with your own stuff. 
My issue with Tasker was that variables weren't holding their values whenever android closed tasker due to memory.

Ended up having to write values to a file and check them there... felt too much like work. Was... tedious.

But otherwise I liked the functionality.
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