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yeah i realized that when I upgraded my dx2 last night...the message center is totally redone. not sure how I feel about it.
I wish Google had a IM system similar to Facebook's, where everything is together instead of having 2 separate services like the G+ Messenger and Gtalk. :S
Text people by using Data plan? it is like iMessage version for Facebook
+Farid Martínez Yd I don't necessarily want Google's IM to be like Facebook's, I just want a unified experience, not 2 separate systems.
Ah, Facebook, how untrustworthy thou art, no wonder I ditched that party.
i can do without all the unnecessary and un wanted updates, its turning into to perfect example of bloatware
Ok now, i'm just as much of an FB hater as anyone else but it can't ruin anyone's life, just like nobody has ever had an affair because of Facebook. If you're the type of person who's going to cheat, you're going to cheat. FB is one channel, could just have easily been another one. If you put something about there that ruined your life, FB isn't to blame, you are.
It actually really annoys me that Facebook might be the standard smartphone data-texting service that kills the others. It's so bad, but I can't get anyone to use G+ or any other options.
Thanks to Titanium Backup I was able to uninstall their update and go back to their older version which has all I need without their stupid message app.
gtalk is terrible on battery life, though.
dumb question: Why wouldn't you just text people via your cellphone texting plan? Using a given app (FB or G+ or GT) seems a little silly.
Because I have a data plan and I'm not paying another $15 for duplicate features.
ah ok, thanks. We have 5 phones on a family plan and its $30/month for unlimited texting for everyone, so its much cheaper per person for us. I can't seem to find a single platform with universal adoption (those that have texting versus those that have FB versus those that have G+).
IMO, even $30/mo for unlimited is $30 too much, especially if the plan already includes data. Text messages are bytes just like any other byte.
Yeah but I fought the law and the law won. 
apologies but yet another dumb question, +Rene Kassim - doesn't that mean both sides have to use the same service? As opposed to regular texting, which just requires the recipient has a cell phone?
+Vivek Bhatia depends on the service. Google voice sends to normal phones as well, just like text. Google+ messenger sends to android or ios. Facebook would obviously send to all involved on facebook.
Ok thanks. A bunch of friends are trying to get me to use Voxer for both voice/walkie talkie and texting but that's yet another app. I'll look into how google voice works since there's no chance I can get people on a single platform. 
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