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Well Google Play music, books, and movies are technically cloud will just give me somewhere to stick pictures and files
Of Course. anyone with Brain uses cloud storage.
I would if I just had something that would be integrated right into my Google account - something that I could drive all of my files too.... any ideas?
Box kicks it out he box ....Dropbox was the champ... but 50 gigs and a great app made it obsolete
Well I kind of have Dropbox fro quickly storing random stuff. Google Docs for well.. docs. I used to add some work files but haven't used it much because integration sucks.

And of course Picassa and Google Music (even though it's not yet available here lol)
I only use my account for Titanium Backup Backups. Other than that, I have no reason to use cloud storage
I use Chrome, Gmail, Contacts, Talk, Settings, and G+. It's sometimes easy to forget that there's data that's not intentionally stored in the cloud.
Drop box primarily, box next because of the file size limit...
I use the 2GB free with Dropbox for syncing files from between desktops & mobile, and I use the 50GB free with Box for backing up Android files.
Dropbox for large files, Box for small files, Google Play Music for music, and currently testing out the Cubby Beta. The more storage the better, if you know how to keep it organized!
Dropbox, lightbox. soon I think it will be the norm and hard drives will be obsolete certainly within ten years .
...or just decides to delete all of your files? Or gets sued? Personal storage isn't going anywhere.
G+ pics & vids backup, drop box too. Gmail.
+Chris Winkley you know data centers are entire factories filled with HDD. They're not going anywhere....where do you think cloud storage is actually stored
Not really. I have some stuff on Google music but not much. Oh and Google+ uploading my pictures. I have dropbox but don't really use it. What do you guys use it for?
Dropbox, Google Music & Docs - plus all the stuff I have stored in email, of course
Google Docs, Picassa, YouTube, Gmail and Ubuntu One..
Box (let's face it who's going to pass up 50gb cloud storage!), Google music and photo bucket.
I have nothing local on my phone, only temp files. I use Google for contacts, books, music, g+/picasa for pics, docs and dropbox for files.
I use Ubuntu one to share photos between my ipod touch and Htc Wildfire S since the ipod doesn't have bluetooth.
I use Dropbox. I recently put Ubuntu on my netbook (have been using Ubuntu since Dapper but not for the past year or so), so I'm going to give Ubuntu One a look as well.
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