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It's extremely rare.. Very rare. Usually spotify has it and with the new extreme audio quality, no need to. Sounds just fine on my htc.
I would do, if it was available in the UK.
I wait for deals from Amazon, buy music there, then import it into Google Music.
I use Spotify. Works for me, although I like Google Music. =)
Well, if it was in the UK, I probably would
I do when I can find the song I want.
I think Google Music is great but as a Spotify user, I barely use it. If Google offered a similar subscription type of service, I'm sure I would be a member.
Start to feel like a broken record but can only echo what other non-US users says "it would be nice if it was open for us poor european people"...
But I rarely buy any tracks unless they can offer them in 24bit/192 format to take full advantage of my system at home.
Otherwise spotify offer enough quality at extreme setting to keep most users happy, shame it´s such crappy amp and sound chips in most phones to take full advantage of the sound quality.
I tried using Google Music when the beta was offered, and it was overwhelmed by my music library, locked up into a never-ending loop of trying to synchronize, and I gave up on it.
No Sweden either, pathetic Google! Spotify all the way and with their new improved app that won't change anytime soon!
I recently switched from an iPhone to an Android. I couldn't work out the easiest/best way to buy music for my new phone so I kind of gave up. I kept my iTunes library as I have more than one iPod but I would have liked to buy some music to listen to on my phone when I'm travelling or something. Shame really that it's not better managed overall. I'm in the UK. 
i would if it was available in South Africa....
When I purchase music. I guess most of it has been through Google Music sales.
I like the Google Play Music store. You can upload a lot of your existing music, and their music library is pretty good and growing.  Plus the music files are high quality and unprotected.  For me, it is even better than Amazon music which is also good.  I didn't like iTunes because you had to use their software, normally, and my main computer is Linux, and Google has a native Linux Music Manager to upload music with.
I buy from there. It all depends on who has it & has it for cheaper. Whether it's from Google, iTunes, or Amazon.
Google Play Music is not available in Germany ... ... ...
I would if I could in the UK.

I have my music on Google Music, but am waiting for +Google to let me buy some new (or old) stuff
I have lost count how many albums I have purchased. But yes I buy albums weekly since I reached my 20,000 max uploads the day Google Music went live.
If i were to purchase music... Sure.. But mostof the time spotify does what I need..
Who pays for audio these days except sheeps with iTunes?
I have definitely been buying more music lately given the deals the Play store has had. it doesn't sell everything I want, like I wanted the Inception soundtrack so I bought it from amazon, downloaded it to my computer then uploaded it to my Google Music account.
+Emilie Smith I'm in the same boat. I still buy everything through itunes on ipad of macbook pro - then sync up with Google music uploaded.

Give it a try.
I can't, but I would.
I would but it is not available in Austria.
Gren W
Being an old fashioned kind of guy I'm still buying those silver disc thingies. I like to hold my music before I rip it, gives my shelves a purpose.

I'm also in the 90% of the planet that Google sees fit to ignore on this one. Had to jump through hoops even to upload my own tunes to Google Music
I try to support it and have bought a couple albums (2 more than I've bought off any other service in the past couple years), but they really need to pick up their game.  The desktop sync client is too basic, the 20,000 limit is lame, the Android app is just so-so and the website is in need of a big update.  Just yesterday I was searching for an artist and it didn't find anything because it was only searching my music... Isn't it a no-brainer to integrate the Play Store right there?...  </rant>  :)
+Gren W It's not google that's at fault, it's the dinosaur records companies who seem to think there's a geography online.
Rarely. AmazonMP3 is where I buy most of mine.
I still prefer having physical CDs. I have searched the Google Play store to buy some albums, but I always find a better deal on a new or used CD. I don't like to buy individual tracks because some of the less popular tracks on an album are usually surprisingly good.
yep! Consolidated my entire collection on it for use on web, phone, tablet, and living room (googleTV).
Regularly, no. However, I use Google Play more to buy music than any other service.
Yes, so far I haven't had any issues finding certain artists that I like and I use Google Music on my phone so its available immediately.
F. Ling
Whenever I see a good deal. Since I have all my music already uploaded to Google Music it just make sense. Love it I am able to use my receiver to play all my music through Goolge TV. However, they need to get Warner on board soon. 
until they fix mobile app (saving files on the phone with proper tags) i'm not spending even a penny!
How Apple was able to get away with not making iTunes for Android I will never understand.  I suppose only other companies can be accused of monopolistic behaviour.
Thanks for asking but NO, because I CAN'T
Here in germany we are not allowed to buy music from google play.
No, I avoided it because so much noise offered up as music is putrifactifully abysmal and nausiating to the ear.
It is +Spotify for me. Works like a charm. And the fact that I cannot buy anything other than apps in the +Google Play Store does not help either. Not that I would buy it if I could as it is not as convenient as +Spotify
A bit difficult to do that in the UK, no Google music! !!
No.  Selection is poor and I don't like the Google Music app. 

Prices are about the same on Amazon and selection is better.  
well i've bought about 4 albums recently, and that's the first time i've bought music in a while. maybe they've just had some really good $4 albums recently, but i think the store's pretty seamless.
No support in the UK :( come on Google... 
Yes, I actually do I shop an artist then look at the similar artist and make a determination that way.
Jan B
I discover music on and when I buy music, I prefer CDs.
cant im in germany . i can only use apps and read books. bu i listen to the radio!
I probably would if I could. But no Google Play Music in Switzerland yet.
Pandora does a pretty good job finding new artist, I've pickup a few on Pandora. I like listening to my music mostly. Personal preference I guess.
Rarely since they don't carry the bands I like. HOWEVER I tend to use Gooogle Music when I make long drives (I wish androids had airplay like functionality built in that is capable of connecting to my car stereo... using iTravel sucks since plugging a usb cord into it causes there to be too much static.
If it were available in Australia...
Yes I do...I shop around at times but always start with play.
Peter A
HYFR (hell yeah f**** right) I do :-)
K ordez
I wish I could.. Very interested in purchasing legitimate music on a weekly basis. pirates have provided Australia with music for over a decade. Why is it taking so long for a large corporation like Google to provide a legal service?
K ordez
+Russell Walker I second your post, google music is definitely a winner. The cloud service it provides is better than most.
I do, but just to help and do the right thing , could easily get them free and just upload from my computer...
As soon as Google music comes out of beta and works I probably will ...
+Glenn Stile for the last time its not up to Google to allow services in other countries, its a process which sucks but it exist
I regularly buy albums because there have been some deals I could pass up.. As for books, I usually still go to Amazon since I have a Kindle device.
So far I've bought and or downloaded for free about 250 songs from Play Music.....I love the instant availability and that I can use it on all my devices....I have 4 phones and a tablet....anywhere in the house I can just grab a phone and start playing.....genius
I would if it was available in Canada
Never....I still prefer to buy and rip my own my own physical CDS.
I would for everything if it was available in AUSTRALIA!
I love Google music. Uploaded about 10,000 of my own music. That took awhile but once the initial upload is done all after that goes quick. I have purchase music too. My purchases went great, was in my library in a few seconds.
I don't buy enough to justify the monthly subscription for Spotify, so yes I do buy on Google Music.
I've been buying quite a bit of music from the Play Store.  They have decent weekly/daily deals, much like the other stores, so they're certainly worth watching.
Not regularly but I have purchased from the play store and I always check there first.  The last album I bought was The Shins - Port of Morrow.  I loved that my friends could play through before buying it just because I had purchased it.
Every time Google Play have a "sale", I can't recognize a single name... :) It's like they are targeting teenagers only!

AmazonMP3 is much better in this regard - you can find discounted albums of any music style and age... :)
When I see a song I really like or a good deal on an album. I don't buy a ton of stuff but everything I do buy is from Google Play.
Some in google music if there are deals, mostly from amazon. Rarely in itunes.
I do most of the time.
This is certainly a area apple has Google beat. As 90% of the population can not get Google music. Were as 90% of the population can get iTunes. Huge fail for Google
Yes I do.  It would be nice also to be able also to buy the movies, not only rent them.
"Sorry! Music on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."
I honestly buy more music thru play than I ever did thru CDs... unfortunately for Google that is still isn't all that much.
I've only gotten a couple of songs from Google through the Free Song of the Day they offer. Other than that I use Zune and Amazon.
I can't buy music from Google Play... not available in my country.
Not available in Spain, and i really doubt that my kind of music would be available in Google Play Music. Notable too that when i buy music I prefer to buy the physical album (that I've previously heard through other ways and liked, won't risk buying something I won't like), with the covers, lyrics and such. Then I'd rip it to the format I like (FLAC, high quality MP3...)
Not available in ma country so can't buy.Buy few apps to support the devs though =]
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