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Too bad I have a wifi Xoom, and have been rocking 3.2 for nearly a month. Just too bad.
+Jason Brian Chapa Hrm, looks like you can flash a pre-rooted update, which will wipe. We'll keep an eye out for a better option.
Crap I tried it and screwed up my Xoom. Can't even restore from Nandroid. Might have to wipe and restore to 3.2. :(
My Xoom just did it automatically. I turned it on not too long ago, it downloaded and prepped the update and asked for a reboot to finish. Once the system rebooted it took longer than normal to get past the animated box screen (loading), but once it was done I validated that the new version is 3.2.

Let it happen naturally. =)
That doesn't work too well with non-stock software.
+Kevin Taylor Just checked - nothing so far as of 2PM PT. Bummer. Can somebody else confirm?
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