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The other theory is that I think HTC might be EOL all previous generation devices for the new ones.
Apple is just a sorry company and should go away.
Apple is becoming more pathetic by the day. They just make me so angry. They take ideas from the open source community and Linux and never give back but when someone makes a remotely similar concept they go over the wall... Pathetic.
imagine how good their products could have been if they put the hundreds of millions wasted on frivolous lawsuits into R&D on their products.....
How many sheep still exist? Die in a fire apple.
The patent system is just sad. A national disgrace. This Must be addressed! Unfortunately patent trolls have deep pockets so I'm sure they've spent enough lobbying money to insure no true reform would ever pass... Not that our government could ever agree long enough to get something meaningful accomplished anyway. Or be wise enough to do anything other than to make everything worse.
This patent stuff is just getting out of hand . (Apple's motto- if you can't beat 'em , sue 'em )
F. Ling
This is what happened when a country has better attorneys than engineer. Add a broken pattern system and anyone like Apple/Microsoft can pattern anything with money.
Apple sued my dog for doing turd that resembles Apple logo.
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