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Did everyone who hadn't gotten the Maps v7 update finally get one today directly from the Play Store? Is the staged rollout over?
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it showed up in the Belgian Play store tonight
Downloading it as we speak (4:55 pm southern california on Sprint Galaxy S3).

I might have gotten it a couple of hours ago, but still seems fresh to sprint gs3 users. 
I got it about 3 hours ago (22:00 BST)
Wife had it on her htc DNA some time ago. Lost the places feature and some other capability. Uninstalled and went back to 6.
These staged roll outs seem to be taken longer and longer. My Nexus S 4G that has an old account on it got the update a week ago. My Stock Nexus 4 just got it.
I got tit today (even though it was already installed) but I think they are still doing the staged rollout. I'm in australia.
andy o
Version 7.0.2 here, got it both on the N4 which already had 7.0.1, and the N10.
On Android 4.2.2  in the UK and got updated to 7.0.2 on the 17th July.
I just got the update, and installed. . A bit different but nice! Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Tmobile. Tampa Bay, Florida
I have not received it yet(Acer Iconia Tab A500 running Ice Cream Sandwich)
Had it. Have gotten two updates since side loading on day one 
No explore card in hiss!
+Android Police I'm on 4.2.2 stock N4 no root and I didn't get it at all. I can't tell if I did because I sideloaded it like 30 minutes ago.
Just got it too... Yayyyyyyyy.... Got an update for ipad too.... No rollout for Apple..... Wtf, goog???? 
Best version of Google maps ever! But I do miss latitudes 
I just got it as well. It was not there two hours ago. (Central U.S.A.)
From India, got the update
Got it today on both my N4 and N7.
No! Even though it is stated it will update on ICS 4.03... No way?!
Also nog ICS version. South Africa 
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