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It's here and it's finally real. Oh, and it's free!
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wow, and my nexus one died two days ago. I need a new phone, stat
Not compatible with Orange Monte Carlo aka ZTE Skate !!! :-(
OK, it's got in-app purchases of coins. No ads so far. Runs great on the Galaxy S II.
Sometimes it crashes if I try to run again. Other then that amazingly addictive... Was wondering why people liked this so much.
Has some frame rate drops that I don't think should be there. Also the icons and some of the resources are out of resolution on my Nexus.
runs well on SGS2 but..whats the buzz? I have played much better games on my phone
Error on play shop when I try to download. Other items are downloading fine.
So far so good on ASUS Transformer..
I saw someone in the airplane play this game on his IPhone. I seriously can not believe how people find this highly repetitive game nice. It just shows how "insane" Apple lovers can be. Sorry, someone had to say it, because we live in a really idiotic world!
Fun game, but as other have noted, I'm getting a lot of crashes when I click run again, maybe 50% of the time. (GSM Galaxy Nexus)
Glad this finally came over to Android. Its a nice fun game that I enjoyed playing on my iP4s. And for the record, no crashes or anything on my E4GT :-)
+Dennis Dingemanse its not like an "out of this world type of of game" its more like a game to play to waste time.

I don't think it has anything to do with Apple Lovers. Its a great game. Some people like it and some people don't. :-)
aaannnndd its already modded for ARMv6 !! :D google for links !! ;)
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