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NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away a free ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Honeycomb tablet, YOUR CHOICE of Tegra Phone, and more for doing close to nothing!

See the link to enter.
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alright..I will give this one a know, my birthday is Nov 30, and I turn 30, so perhaps you can, wink wink
Android Police is killing it again with more giveaways.
Could you not have split this in 2, one US only for the phone(s) and one International for the tablet+?
Oh well I guess this Brit will need to give another competition a miss... Bah.
Right now I am writeing from one :-) Big HW keyboard is big + even on the road.
This would be a nice congrats gift for my wife. Just got a teaching job!
This would be an amazing prize for all my school work!
I'm testing Citrix on tablets right now as a replacement for laptops where I work. Atrix has Receiver built into the webtop. The combination would go a long way towards convincing the money people that this is a better way to go than iProduct-world.
too bad its US only. Sometime you should have a non-US contest :)
The Transformer is one sweet looking tablet. I was thinking the 8.9 Galaxy might be a good pick until I saw a video review, now I'm thinking it might be best just to go with something like this.
+Chris Brulak We do have a lot of non-US-only contests. As many as we possibly can.
I know you do, just being silly :)
Are there plans for any Portugal residents only, contest? :P
asus and a linux clone = good choice :)
I'm in. I could use some new gadgets. All my stuff is waaaayyy outdated. Lol!
I played with my friends and its nice.
I really like how the winner will be picked on my birthday ^.^
What a fantastic giveaway. You absolutely rock Android Police!
Dude, if I won this, it would be the best BDay gift ever
Wow,what an awesome contest!.I am speechless!!! (mostly from the drool :P)
I never win anything but I'll jump in anyway. Who knows?
I never had a chance before, lets try again for the giveaway :)
It's my birthday tomorrow!!!! Oct 6! I want it :)
+Sivan Rehan Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Also, thank you, that reminds me, tomorrow is my sister's Birthday!
It is the line for the new IPhone 4S?...just kidding... but for real I'd love to win that Asus Transformer with all the goodies ;)!
im not expecting to win this but.. you never know
Awesome contest. Good luck to everyone
Maybe I can find out how to integrate this into the business that I am working in right now. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME INSTEAD OF A LAPTOP!
You are my reason for being on google+ now get me that Photon!
Can I have the 3 phones that the winner doesn't choose?
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner~!~
I would be elated if I'm chosen as the winner. 
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