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Explains why Apple is fighting Samsung so hard. Love my 10.1. If they come down a bit on the 7.7 I will love them forever.
Yeah and still no ics on samsung 10.1 wifi. Pathetic by samsung.
Looks to be back up now.
The top 20 phone list doesn't show the Samsung Galaxy SII... that's what must happen when looking through the rear view mirror in compiling a report.
+Omar O'Hara There are at last count currently 4 iOS devices for sale (iPad2,HD/iPhone4,4S). Divide 15 by 4 and you will have your answer. Or, throw in a fifth iOS device that while still serviced isn't really selling (iPhone 3GS) and your accounting comes up to 3% per device. Taking that into account, this is a list of devices that were obsolete last year, let alone this year. I wouldn't read too much into this listing. As it is, Android does have the larger share of users. It has been talked about ad naseum for a while. Apple makes a smaller than handful amount of products and of that smaller than handful an even smaller amount that run iOS. The fact it has the massive amount of market share that it does in comparison to Android, based off the amount of devices the OS is on, speaks for itself.
+Omar O'Hara I didn't give figures. I used the data given and divided the given ratio by the amount of currently sold Apple devices using iOS. That was what you were asking for; a listing showing percentage based off each iOS device. The rest was elementary school math and common sense. If you want hard numbers, then I suggest you compare the table given with others for the same time period and the with the current quarter and see how the trend changed from one year to the next. If you are too lazy to research the answer because you are not satisfied with it, then by all means, be too lazy to care; I know I won't. :)
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