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Complete a simple security checkup and get 2GB of free Drive storage

This is something that everyone should be doing anyway, so now with the extra 2GB of free storage there's absolutely no excuse :)

Link to the security checkup:

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Android Newbies

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In case you ever drop your phone in water:
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Xperia Z2... Go ahead, go for a swim worry free.
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SwiftKey Is Now Free!

SwiftKey has always been one of the best keyboards for Android in our opinion and from today, it's free on Google Play.

Google Play link:

Also, with this update, it’s packed full of new features, including support for over 800 emoji and more than 30 new themes.

If you never tried using SwiftKey before, now you have no excuse :)

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I may have try again!
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Android Newbies

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New Docs and Sheets standalone apps.
Now it’s a lot easier for you to quickly find, edit and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go. Introducing mobile apps for Docs and Sheets, with Slides on the way. Learn more or get the apps now:

Docs Android:
Docs iOS:
Sheets Android:
Sheets iOS:
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A good link to keep around for family and friends who relentlessly ask for smartphone help (and who just got the Galaxy S5).
Know someone who just got a Samsung Galaxy S5? Point them this way!

+Samsung Mobile  #GalaxyS5   #OneStopShop  
We've collected a boatload of Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks in one convenient place! Whether you're a brand new Android user looking for help, seasoned veteran who wants to refresh your memory, or looking for a Galaxy S5 resource to share with friends and family: look no further!
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We only starting to see the huge potential of ChromeCast, and we like where this is going.

If you own a Chromecast you definitely have to watch this video.
Download from Play:
Turn your Chromecast into a powerhouse of awesome with AutoCast

AutoCast is a Tasker plugin that gives you full control over your Chromecast. It not only enables you to cast images, audio and video from Tasker, but you can also cast and control many other local or web contents, like YouTube videos and playlists, notifications, voice, and web pages! You can also take over other apps that are being cast and control their playback!

h/t +Armando Ferreira  #tasker   #chromecast  
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Thanks for showing us the potential. I hadn't thought most of what you showed was even possible. Your video has been greatly received by nearly everyone. Good luck. :)
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Have them in circles
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Seems like we have 3 more invites for the new 'inbox' by Google, any takers? 
Inbox by Gmail requires an invite. Email to request one. Y...
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+Olsi Jaze​ You can download the Apk here. Go to the bottom of the page and download it, click on download, not the Google play tab, and you have it. Easy.
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Google I/O is starting in an hour, download the official app below to watch it on your Android or watch it online here:
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Android Newbies

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Random stunning wallpapers using 500 Firepaper

We can't stop staring at the phone since we installed this app. Great work from +Chainfire. Download:
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Did you know you don't have to download/install Google Music manager  to upload your music now. Just upload directly from the browser. Google Music, settings gear on the top right and you should see the option to upload Also check the settings for the folder upload options. Enjoy +Google Play
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Chrome Remote Desktop is Now Available on Google Play

Control your desktop PC from your Android.
Securely access your computers from your Android device.• On each of your c...
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Worth a share every once in a while, you know, for the newbies :)
How to transfer from iPhone to Android - The Complete Guide!
The transition from iPhone to Android is a painful one. It is not easy, especially for those who have grown too attached to their iPhones. But, for many people, the move is often a necessary one...

In the video below, you will learn several easy methods for carrying out the various common tasks associated with transferring from iPhone to Android for good, particularly the following:

* Moving your iPhone contacts to Android
* Moving your iPhone calendar events to Android
* Moving your iPhone images to Android
* Moving your iPhone music to Android
* Moving your iPhone bookmarks to Android

#iphone   #android   #transfer   #tipsandtricks  
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Thanks for resharing, +Android Newbies :-)
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Helping Android newbies to use their phone's full abilities.
My name is Amit and I'm trying to help Android Newbies getting started and to use their phone's full abilities.
If you have any question I will be happy to answer, here or on my private profile.
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