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Espresso 2.0 is here!

A release is never too late, nor is it too early. It arrives precisely when it’s meant to.” That being said, we would like to apologize for such a long wait. Part of the delay was caused by work that ensures that this does not happen again.

Espresso 2.0 is packed with new features[0], but perhaps the most important change is that Espresso is now part of the Android Support Library and available in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) soon. This will make it easier for you to contribute to future releases.

With this release, we would also like to introduce the new AndroidJUnitRunner[1], which contains all the functionality of GoogleInstrumentationTestRunner and adds extra features[2], including Junit4 support.

Although this is an API-breaking release (hence the major version bump), we do not expect the majority of projects to be affected by anything other than the package name change.

We have added a new set of individual sample projects, available on GitHub[3], to make it easier for you to learn about the new features and get started with Espresso.

Documentation[4,5] and Javadocs[6,7,8] are still hosted on android-test-kit, but will move to in early 2015.

We hope that you enjoy the new Espresso experience and look forward to your feedback and contributions.

Happy holidays and happy testing!

#androiddev  #androidTesting

[0] Release Notes -
[1] AndoidJUnitRunner Javadoc -
[2] AndroidJUnitRunner Docs -
[3] Android-Testing Github Samples -
[4] Espresso Setup Guide -
[5] Espresso Documentation -
[6] Espresso-Core Javadoc -
[7] Espresso-Contrib Javadoc -
[8] Espresso-Idling Javadoc -
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Thanks! Please keep updating and implement all awesome things that you covered on GTAC 2014 and Droidcon London 2014!
Congrats to everyone involved! A huge step forward.
Great News. A new chapter for android fans.
Awesome stuff guys! Finally I can get rid of some weird workarounds. Nice work.
Я 5 лет не мою свое тело так как меня не выпускают из виртуального мира
Will you ever add junit XML reporting functionality for all the people using this on a CI server? This stops me from upgrading, as the old (patched) test runner allowed that.
A release is never too "late" or too "latte"?

BAM! Didn't see that coming, did ya?
Congrats to the development team on achieving this milestone. Looks like I will have some shiny new bits to play with over the holidays. 
congrats for achieving this milestone :-
Nice to see this... Is there any advantages compare to Robotium ?
Hahahahaha!  Made me laugh!
Is this a new update to android devices? 
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