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Netflix for Android [1] has upgraded with individual profile and queue support[2]. But even better than that they've also implemented the Restricted Profiles feature [3] that was added in JellyBean and included a 'Disable profile switching' setting in the owners profile!

This has instantly become the safest place for my little ones to browse and watch content. Other benefits include no adverts for toys.

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Now if we could only browse our CD queue from the app...
Not seeing the way to add profiles despite getting the update. Wondering if it's for profile-enabled devices only... tablets vs phones
I like the added features, no more Pretty Little Liars in my recently watched list.

Who tests this app? The series button while on the remote screen only works after clicking play on a series episode. It doesn't work after opening up from the notification.
I have Netflix in my guest account for my nexus 7 2012, but the chromecast icon won't appear
So far, I've found I can only add profiles via logging in on my actual desktop pc.
Why does +Netflix need to retrieve a list of running apps on my device?

Further, would be nice to password-protect profiles so my kid doesn't get to the PG13+ stuff...
This feature is going to work very well on the Chromebook I bought my daughter.
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