Android Support Library 23.3 available now
This release of the Android Support Library fixes a number of bugs in Support v4, AppCompat, RecyclerView, MediaRouter, Design, and Preferences. See the revisions page ( for a full list of closed issues.

If you’re using Support v4 Fragments, nested fragments will now receive callbacks to onRequestPermissionsResult() (in addition to callbacks to onActivityResult(), fixed in 23.2.1).

For AppCompat users, we’ve decided to remove the functionality which let you use vector drawables from resources on pre-Lollipop devices due to issues found in the implementation in version 23.2.0/23.2.1 [,]. Using app:srcCompat and setImageResource() continues to work.

One new API that is now available in Support v4 is AppLaunchChecker which your app can use to determine if the user has specifically launched your app from their launcher/home screen (compared to only interacting with it via implicit intents or other interactions).

Please continue to file any Support Library bugs at
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