Today's episode of #DevBytes  Efficient Data Transfers: Batching, Bundling, and SyncAdapters, is by +Reto Meier 

Every time you initiate a connection you cause a typical 3G wireless radio to continue drawing power, for upwards of 20 seconds. Episode 4 of the Efficient Data Transfers series of DevBytes looks at how you can use tools like SyncAdapters to batch and bundle data transfers - effectively phase-shifting them - to produce a highly efficient, defragmented network traffic profile.

The underlying philosophy is to reduce the number of transfer sessions by designing for a small number of large downloads -- batching up all our delay tolerant transfers and bundling them together with time sensitive ones.

Further Reading and Sample Code:

Episode 4 of 7

DevBytes: Efficient Data Transfers - Batching, Bundling, and SyncAdapters

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