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Porting Your Android Wear Developer Preview Code to the Latest Support Library
Today’s post on #AndroidWear is from +Wayne Piekarski. Now that the full Android Wear SDK is available, it’s time to port your existing wearable-enabled notification code from the Developer Preview. This article will show you how to update my previous code samples that were released earlier for stacks and pages, which you can use to guide the conversion of your own code as well.
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Has anyone had success combining pages and stacked notifications? For me I lose the ability to have a different background image for every page when I start grouping my notifications. Works fine until I add the group key. 
I guess I missed where they said this was a preview. 
Full Wear SDK? Where are the docs for custom watch faces? 
+Nathan Schwermann The Wear "Developer Preview" was the SDK that was released many months ago before the watches were available. The full SDK is now available since Google I/O.
+Wayne Piekarski Thanks. This might be worth mentioning officially somewhere, as all this talk of "full Wear SDK" is misleading.
+Paul Burke The Android Wear SDK, just like Android, will constantly evolve over time as new hardware comes out, and as we add new features to the platform. The "Developer Preview" that came out many months ago was a subset designed to get notification support enabled, but it did not provide anything else. From I/O onwards, the SDK enables all the features that are currently available, and new versions of the SDK will be released as more features are enabled or added. We have always officially stated that watch faces were built into the firmware and not customizable, but we have outlined our roadmap to add this support in the future. So this will be coming soon, and I will post more details as they are made available.
+Wayne Piekarski Please show my where Google has "official stated" anything about custom watch faces. I'm not talking about a single post that a Googler made on a Google+ community with 17K members, yesterday. I mean an actual official statement. Something like a blog post, or even a single mention in the docs. There is only one passing mention of "watch face" in all of

I'm not trying to heckle you here, but we're talking about a reasonable expectation: The full Android Wear SDK will include APIs for custom watch faces. This is something many of us assumed, due to the fact that we're talking about Android, and the general lack of direct statements on the matter.

At the very, very least, this article should have linked your G+post, or made a single mention of it.
We cannot update the SDK documentation for a feature that is not available yet, nor make an official statement about exactly what the API will look like. There are a lot of issues to consider when making an API for all developers to use, while still making sure the device runs efficiently, has good battery life, and implements a strong security model. A watch face is actually one of the most difficult applications on a watch to get right, because it runs all the time, and controls the whole visible display. For the first release of Android Wear, we did not officially document and support custom watch faces, and provided a collection of pre-made watch faces. However, there was a lot of interest from the community, and you can see many examples of watch faces right now on the Android Wear Developers group and in the Play Store. The thing I find most exciting about Android is that even when things are not officially supported with a full piece of sample code, you can do all kinds of amazing things using the existing APIs provided - as can be seen by what our developers are creating and publishing right now. However, these custom watch faces may not be as battery efficient or fit in with the rest of the UI as completely as possible, and users may be disappointed if it is not done right. As the Developer Advocate for Android Wear at Google, I was asked by the team to put out a posting saying that we are planning on providing new APIs to address these efficiency concerns and give users a good experience with custom watch faces. So developers know that something is on the way, and that we do listen to their feedback in the types of applications they want to provide to users. When this work is ready for release, we will update the official SDK documentation and announce that it is ready for developers to work with. So stay tuned!
I appreciate your response, but I'm not asking why it's not ready, or when it will be here.

"I was asked by the team to put out a posting […] So developers know that something is on the way, and that we do listen to their feedback."

In my opinion, a Google+ post in a small community isn't really sufficient notice to the Android developer community. I didn't even know about the Android Wear community until today.  This is my feedback, as an Android app developer.
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