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Android Developers hung out with 7 people.Sparky Rhode, טל קרלינר, Paris Android User Group, Al Sutton, Stephen Charman, Oren Bengigi, and Emil Sjölander
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Hi, I have a question for you :
When double clic on the stack trace (log cat) it opens the wrong file (on another project)
You can use an AsyncTask to fetch the data and use its onPostExecute method to set up the ScrollView and its content. That way the ScrollView won't be set up until all the data has been loaded.
Can't join the hangout from my phone (ics 4.0.4 desire s) even with muted audio and mic :( have fun guys!
Hi guys I've a question about Android Market. Very often users make comment complaining about a problem and the problem is already solved with the upgraded version or going to settings and configuring in the correct way the up but we have no way to tell them so. In this way we get only bad feedback. Is there a way (or are you thinkng about this) to answer to their market feedback directly (and also other users can see that comment)?
Hola a todos desde Madrid Spain
+Lukas Kropatschek I'm talking as a developer. I need to answer directly to my users comments and feedback (that they make on market) in order to solve their problem (and many times is a common problem to many user)
ActionbarSherlock or the "Google I/O 2011 APP method" for doing ActionBars on pre 3.0 Android?
+Emanuele Ricci I'm talking as a developer too. :) And the default is (afair) that the play app filters the comments to show only the ones which were made about the last version. Indeed it would be nice to have the possibility to answer certain comments directly, as you mentioned.
i have a question, on developer console we sometimes get a runtime exception while instantiating our application class. in 99.9999% it works without any problems. it looks like this: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate application
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: in loader
any idea?
This is just a suggestion, haven't tried it, but can you use setAlpha(1) on the view?
can you recommend any open source chart library (i need some line charts + pie charts)
Question - Once a new app is released, when does Android Play start indexing it? I can't seem to find it.
When declaring in the manifest android:windowSoftInputMode="stateVisible|adjustResize", if the application has the statusbar activated or nor, when the softkeyboard si displayed, the application have a completely different behaviour. If the status bar is shown, the app resizes, otherwise, the app scrolls up. If there a way to have the same behaviour? And why is has a different behaviour? It seems a bug. Thanks
It is planned to release any official documentation about a contentProvider related to SMS? Applications like GoSMS have to do it unofficially. Thanks.
Thanks +Michell Bak It took more than 12 hours for Play to display the official Temple run and Instagram apps at the top of the search list after their release.
If anyone knows of a good example of using Loaders, feel free to let me know. An overview of advantages would be great as well.
besides gaining audio focus, is there a way to force a mediaplay like winamp to stop playback. audio focus isn't working for many apps.
+Abhijit Dhakne Yeah, but I can't imagine how it should be different. Anyone could upload an app called "Instagram" and have it as the first result, if it was any different.
Y can't I never join hangouts thru my phone???
Thanks! Just seemed naughty to not handle all the different app states.
+Nick Butcher ajusting volume does not work. cause i want to use the same stream for media playback and afterwards give audio focus back
+Al Sutton hi. i know this call, but it don't work for me, because i want to use the STREAM_MUSIC for myself. simple scenaria. gain audio focus -> play one mp3 -> give audio focus back. but anyway thx for helping
Thanks for joining us today with some great questions. Also thanks to +Juhani Lehtimäki for joining us live! Video will be posted soon and please +1 this post if you joined us.
Hi guys,
Sorry if it not suitable to post question here, but I got this message, "Couldn't get connection factory client" when trying to consume a web service on my android app.

Could any of you give me advise to solve this issue?

want to devolp an like anti text spoiler
+Sydemy Joanis It doesn't just cost money to put that RAM in the device, it also costs power to run it. Would you take that extra memory if it meant your phone had to be charged twice per day instead of once?
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