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We're broadcasting our weekly Android Developer Office Hours live, right now!

If you're in our circles you can join our hangout live -- if not, let us know and we'll add you now.
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Well since you're running Chrome OS it should be back up in 3 seconds, right? ;)
Thanks for the fast clarification.
Can you please add me to your circle. :)
John M
and me too ;)
I looked at the contact app source code but it's way too complicated :/
We're having trouble switching the video to the Hangout, so we'll likely stick to the moderator questions for today.
By the way, don't want to copy the app, but copy le layout app :)
+Peter Kuterna Thanks but I already got it. As I said previously, this project contains tons of activities, class etc, and my question was more on UI and UX as +Roman Nurik correct :)
The issue I'm having is that Google Play chooses which country. So I'd like to know what Google Play thinks.
+Julius Spencer ah, we don't have the black magic Google Play uses to determine the user's country documented anywhere :-/
The issue is that in Australia we had to brand it differently so when another app launches Google Play we need to take the user to the correct package as we have two deployments. (Thanks +Roman Nurik )
Thanks everyone for the replies. We've been planning to use MCC.
+Android Developers Thanks for taking my question but as it was 2 am ist my local time i could not join. I tried using amr_wb but still as i said it worked on some devices very well but in some it was very robotic kind of sound.And same with acc, quality is good but not good support. Well i was thinking of using Audiorecord, taking raw stream and then adding wav headres and saving it in wav file format. Do you think its going to work on all devices & is it a good option????
+Mohit Marwal you can certainly use AudioRecord and construct a PCM WAV from that, but that's not a very good storage format as it takes large amounts of space.
Please see our app called To Do Mapr. On the Play Store as "todomapr". We would love to hear some feedback about it. 
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