Android 4.3 - Connectivity with Bluetooth Smart devices and sensors

Now your apps can interact with the latest generation of small, low-power devices and sensors that use Bluetooth Smart technology. Android 4.3 introduces platform support for Bluetooth Smart Ready in the central role and provides a standard set of APIs that apps can use to discover nearby devices, query for GATT services, and read/write characteristics.

With the new APIs your apps can efficiently scan for devices and services of interest. For each device, you can check for supported GATT services by UUID and manage connections by device ID and signal strength. You can connect to a GATT server hosted on the device and read or write characteristics, or register a listener to receive notifications whenever those characteristics change.

You can implement support for any GATT profile. You can read or write standard characteristics or add support for custom characteristics as needed. Your app can function as either client or server and can transmit and receive data in either mode. The APIs are generic, so you’ll be able to support interactions with a variety of devices such as proximity tags, watches, fitness meters, game controllers, remote controls, health devices, and more.

To get started, check out the developer guide and the BluetoothLeGatt sample app available through the SDK Manager. 

Dev guide:
Bluetooth Smart:

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DevBytes: Bluetooth Low Energy API in Android 4.3
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