Android Wear Developer Preview Now Available

Today, we announced that Android is extending to wearables with #AndroidWear. So how do you get started developing for Android Wear? Well, you probably already have. With Android Wear, notifications from your Android phone are automatically sent to your wrist.

You can also now sign up for the Android Wear Developer Preview which lets you customize notifications for the wrist. The Preview provides new APIs for wrist-based wearables, such as receiving voice replies, adding notification pages and stacking multiple notifications. There’s also a system image for the Android emulator to let you test your notifications.

To learn more about Android Wear and the Developer Preview, check out the blog post (linked below) and these #DevBytes episodes:

DevBytes - Android Wear: Developer Preview
DevBytes - Android Wear: Receiving Voice Replies

Also make sure to join the new Android Wear Developers community right here on Google+ to discuss your next wrist-based wearable project:

Android Wear Developers on Google+

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