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Android Wear Developer Preview Now Available

Today, we announced that Android is extending to wearables with #AndroidWear. So how do you get started developing for Android Wear? Well, you probably already have. With Android Wear, notifications from your Android phone are automatically sent to your wrist.

You can also now sign up for the Android Wear Developer Preview which lets you customize notifications for the wrist. The Preview provides new APIs for wrist-based wearables, such as receiving voice replies, adding notification pages and stacking multiple notifications. There’s also a system image for the Android emulator to let you test your notifications.

To learn more about Android Wear and the Developer Preview, check out the blog post (linked below) and these #DevBytes episodes:

DevBytes - Android Wear: Developer Preview
DevBytes - Android Wear: Receiving Voice Replies

Also make sure to join the new Android Wear Developers community right here on Google+ to discuss your next wrist-based wearable project:

Android Wear Developers on Google+

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Do these watches actually exist as things you can buy yet?
+Bradley Uffner this is news of the developer preview, meaning that they're just now starting to show developers how to develop for it. It's not an existing product yet.
Gg guys... Google wins the Smartwatch wars.

This is absolutely beautiful
Same, it's reached the Google Drive bandwidth limit
It is interesting that Google is alway innovative and ahead of all other Tech companies,,, we liked #androidwear  move which helps #wearabletech  a lot. 
We're looking into the quota exceeded issue folks, thanks for your patience!
Wauw, that was probably the easiest thing to setup. The development really simple as well! Loving it so far, hope to see a lot of modification possibilities in the future!
in need of help, followed every step without problems but when i run the command to conntect the devices it simply returns "error device not found" emulator running and phone (galaxy note 2) connected via USB and running the Preview app
+Fré Dumazy there is one device, "emulator-5554"
i will restart all systems and see what happens
you should connect your phone (4.3 or higher) and make sure it's in developer mode. If your phone asks to accept your pc, press 'yes' or 'accept'. Then your device should also be shown with 'adb devices'
+Fré Dumazy its running 4.3 and i have tested with and without USB debugging enabled, and it doesnt show up in adb devices nor does it ask to accept my PC.
also teh phone is telling me its connected as a media device (MTP), and i can only switch between that and camera (PTP)
I have a Nexus 10 running Android 4.4.2 but the Play store listing for the Android Wear Preview app says "This app is incompatible with all of your devices." The Wear developer site states that devices with 4.3 and above should be compatible. Are some devices not compatible even if they are running >= 4.3?
Foo Bar
Can't get the Android Wear app on Nexus 7 2013. What a shame.
what i would want would be that when your going about your day, it reads what people send you, messages to you, important times, like it could say to you "you will arrive at your destination at.." you can choose whether that function is on as well, maybe you can choose if its read to you and it can even have a part in the settings where you can pick what times it could alert you in voice
fixed it, and now works without problems!
Foo Bar
On Nexus 7 2013 with 4.4.2 I still can't get the app from Google Play. Any workaround? 
Likewise. I just got a Nexus 7 as it met the requirements you asked for: 1. Android device (a phone or tablet); 2. is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher [which it is after upgrading]. Can you let use know when this will be sorted please
On my nexus 7 on CyanogenMod 11 (4.4.2) I can't get past the "Connecting via TCP" notification. It's sat there on my tablet for three days now. Any help?
Foo Bar
Thank you, now it works on Nexus 7.
What is the secret to getting the Android Wearable Preview app to work on the Nexus 7? It is stuck at "Connecting via TCP" and only the emulator shows up in the adb list of devices.
Dear Sir

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