Google Play services 7.3 available now!
We’ve completed the rollout of Google Play services 7.3 and have an updated SDK available now via the Android SDK Manager, bringing new Android Wear APIs, the addition of nutrition data and additional smarts to Google Fit, improvements to retrieving the user’s location, and better support for optional APIs.

Android Wear
With the new release allowing multiple Wear devices to be connected to a single handheld device, the new CapabilityApi makes it easy to find the correct node on the new Android Wear network. Need a low level connection between devices? The ChannelApi makes it easy to stream data or send files between devices.

Google Fit
This release adds a simple readDailyTotal() method for getting daily step data for Wear apps, automatic distance calculations, and support for nutrition data.

We’re including new tools to verify location data availability as well as enabling batching location updates for your LocationRequests - saving significant amounts of battery.

Read through the blog post ( and get started with the updated SDK now!

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