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"It’s now even easier to market your apps to users around the world, by adding images and a video URL to your Google Play store listing for each of Google Play’s 49 languages.

To add localized graphics and video to your apps, you need to use the Google Play Developer Console preview."

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Amazing feature. Too bad I need multiple apk support and therefore cannot be restricted to edit my apps only in this new (and excellent) console layout.

Hopefully it's implemented sooner rather than later.
Hmm.. what will happen if I add localized screenshots but don't upload Feature graphic or vice versa? Will the users see the common Feature graphic or they won't see a feature graphic?
Not amazing. This feature you'are trying to use should have been provided from early version. This is because developers already published their application with considering localization. Of course, Android supports many features for localization. 
+jaesung ku So? They can fix that problem now. How is that a bad thing? Complain when the feature is absent, not after it gets added.
Long overdue, but useless to many without multiple APK support. As a few others announced lately. Please, please work on the absolutely essential features first. 
How can I remove some old apps from my list?
+Zhelyazko Atanasov if you only upload some localised graphics, all  other graphics will use the ones from the default language (e.g. if you only upload localised screenshots, the icon, feature graphic from the default will be used)
How about those review replies...?
Don't believe everything you read on blogs :) It's been coming 'very soon' for a loong time now..

At any rate, it would have been much better to make the whole thing actually usable for everyone before adding new features. Especially since they are not usable for a whole bunch of people. 
Did you know that Android Developers does put entertainment into the Java code.
According to XDA Developers, in the android core there are lots of cuss words. XD
If you are lucky enough to get some type of error in the Logcat, you are going to see some entertainment by text.
What I got was the killing the zombie thing and the Logcat was moaning when trying to move a adverstment while there is no internet or something, looks like the Ad was too heavy and the java code is moaning because it does not want to move it, hehe...
Got to love Android Developers. :)
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