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Join us today at 2pm Pacific time for The Friday Review hangout! Today we have a special guest host, all the way from the office next door to +Dan Galpin and +Ian Ni-Lewis.

This week's crop of games looks really promising--I think it's going to produce some winners. We'll be reviewing the following 5 games:
- Zombie Lane
- Noogra Nuts
- Overkill
- Asteroid Defense 2
- Lazy Snakes

Check out our moderator page at for more details and your chance to vote for next week's top titles.
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why are almost all friday reviews about games? would like to see some more non game apps get reviewed
Is the hangout available to watch?
vos porque seras joven y es facil yo ten64 pirulos ,estoy aprendiendo y pone otra foto da la cara.
No necesito dar ninguna cara para tener razón en algo tan obvio. Tu comentario estuvo completamente fuera de lugar, en un espacio para desarrolladores. Y encima con un comentario completamente faláz, como si las demás plataformas tuvieran todo gratis o algo así. Por favor no desvirtúes mas este espacio con ese tipo de comentarios. Gracias.
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