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Join us for the Friday Game Review Hangout:

The Friday Games Review
Welcome to the Android Developers channel on YouTube. This is the home for Google+ Hangout videos from our live events, as well as for videos containing demos, tutorials, and anything else related to ...
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R Palan
Video was very choppy today making it difficult to get the jokes and identify the beers you were consuming ... which after all is the main point of this exercise is it not ?
Missed you live, watching youtube now. The QR code and the name of the game being reviewed is a very nice touch!
What are: Buttons of shame

How can devs:
- remove them
- stop them from appearing
- not add them

I did a quick google but not sure what I'm looking for.
I believe the stretch to fill/zoom to fill button is a button of shame on tablets with honeycomb or greater.
Thanks for the reply Chris.

Is the 'shame' part, the lack of support for it?

I have an 'affordable' (£130) tablet, used for development but it runs Gingerbread so I wont see it.

I plan on buying a Google tablet when it is released this summer which I hope will have ICS.
Np. The native behavior of the button seems to be a bit unreliable and sometimes just looks bad.
Estamos procurando um programador em Porto Alegre, RS, ou nas proximidades para desenvolvimento de um aplicativo. Se houver interesse faça contato.
I'm not sure I can give you a really good explanation but it refers to the way the architecture of the android platform and programs work. Each program is encapsulated in their own virtual box meaning that they can't access resources, including other programs, outside of their program. This is why users have to give the programs explicit permissions to things like contacts, camera, sd storage, and so on. This is the best way I can explain it. Hope it helps. And if that isn't what you are asking about then sorry.
Thanx +James Inbody but then one more thing, how can we differentiate between sandbox and droidbox(I want to know something that can really make me differentiate between droidbox and sanddbox)
+Swapnil Sinha According to the Google Code page, Droidbox is a sandbox that nests inside the normal Android app sandbox. It apparently intercepts system calls and logs them so you can see what your app is doing security-wise.

The standard Android sandbox is part of the Android OS. Droidbox is an independent project that is made to work with Android, but is not part of the Android OS.
can someone tell me how i can access a widget from the app?
like getting the count of widgets added and the possibility to update the widget.
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