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Developers, starting today you can make your free apps available in Iran. To add this country to your distribution, please visit the Pricing & Distribution page in the Developer Console and select the checkbox for Iran directly. 

Note that this new distribution option is currently available only for free apps and not for priced apps or apps that use in-app billing.

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Aren't they even censoring the Net?

Letting proxy sporting Apps into that, to name only one facet seems kind of odd?

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for it.
All censorship is wrong. But I just wonder why their government would allow this. 
Developers can refer to General License D or 31 CFR §560.540 if they are concerned about any sanctions issues; they can also email me at[not legal advice]. They is help out there if people want to help Iranians connect.
My app is free, but "Iran" is currently crossed out and unable to be checked.
tnx <3 <3
iam iranian
I just made mine available for Iran, thanks!
I'm so glad to see this good news at Google website, I hope another companies do the same-thing that Google Did
What about publishing free apps from Iran?
am i dreaming ? ?? google i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you 
دمت گرم گوگل
Google translate this :P
Thank you google, you give us freedom
عاشقتیم گوگل 
Kian A
Thanks a lot
Thank you google.
It means a lot to us :)
Thank you google.
It means a lot to us :)
Thank You Google
Thank You Google
Thank You Google
I am really grate to you for this good work . thank you 
Mar das
Thank You Google
Thank You Google
Thank You Google
Thank You Google
Thank You Google
مدتها بود منتظر همچین خبری بودیم
Very very Thank's Google <3
I'm happy :)
thanks Google
but wish in-app billing will be added to this list
Thank's google. Finally it's happened :) 
This is great news for Iranian people. now they don't need to use 3rd party markets or sideload the apps which causes lots of problems and malware infection. Thx Google.
I'm leaving you Google soon for Your policy about Iran
I hope peace and happiness without any sanctionsfor Iranians
+Majid Daei Nejad Check out "Laws Of Power" - I haven't been able to update it in a while because of other projects, but I'm trying to put something together because next month it would have been in the Play Store for a year.
Please open google app engine hosted websites to iran as well
why this is available just for developers? its not true :(
why don't you make this a default option for all free apps ? so if a developer don't want Iranian user to use his app they can remove the permission
اورین خوشمان امد

good,tnx google,Why very long time to open the google plsy,am so very happy
اورین خوشمان امد

good,tnx google,Why very long time to open the google play,am so very happy
We are not the government, we're people .I hope all Google services will be open to us 
thank you Google! We are not the world enemy, we are just human!
Thank you So much Google. We are waiting for ability to purchasing app and no more error 403 ♥
اونا خودشون مارو تحریم میکنند، خودشونم تحریمو برمیدارن. حالا چه سیاستی پشت این قضیه هست خدا میدونه! ولی این همه خوشحالی و تشکر نداره...
من که app مجانی هم نمیتونم دانلود کنم چطور باز شده

This is a great step in the right direction in correcting the wrong that has been done by companies, and especially digital companies boycotting Iran much more than required or suggested by any national or international law for countless years.
The Internet is supposed to be a neutral place, not driven by politics.
We thank Google, but as Malcom X says, you can't drive a knife into a man's back nine inches, pull it out six inches, and call it progress.
We hereby request that Google as a technology leader  aid the much oppressed and innocent people of Iran and set an example by removing ALL digital sanctions against this country, except the ones which are explicitly required by law.
Why should there not be access to Google code in Iran? Why should there not be access to GAE in Iran? 

As a side note, we remind you that proxies exist and all tech. aware people are perfectly able to use them. Such sanctions just come across as annoying and hinder people who are not very tech savvy.
YES! FINALLY! No "thank you" needed! but good work! no to racism:)
This is awesome news
thank you google .....
Thank you Google Thank you but We can't download from Google play ; I wish this is for short time . ( Sorry for my dictation mistake )

I'm not currently an Android user, but this move is certainly appreciated. Maybe this will make me an Android user in the near future.
I hope that Iranians can use more of Google's services such as Google Code without the 403 error getting in their way!
Tnx tnx a lot of thanks google I love you :-)
thank u google for this news and thanks for all the developers who support iran in their apps
But I wish they had access to all the parts, I plan to buy a lot of apps !
Thank you google , but we cant download yet !
Come on Google !
We Love you !
Thank you again !
Google +
Google Play
Google Search
Google Translate
Google is web god :D
tnx google
But I wish they had access to all the parts, I plan to buy a lot of apps !
Thank you google , but we cant download yet !
Come on Google !
We Love you !
Thank you again !
amin F
love you google !!! we bring down IOS together :-P
What about Iranian Developer? Can we create application and add it on Play Store?
Thank you Google the best news in the IT field for me ;-) but still not opening play Store: - \
mori mt
Thank you Google
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank a lot, Sanctions are not against goverments, it is against humans!
good job google ...tnx
Google Drive & Google Chat plugin and other Google softwares are still restricted in Iran! so open them too!
I love You Google ... JUST ANDROID and Google inc,
عاشقتم گوگل و اندروید ...
Thanks google, but we are looking forward developer, drive, chat, ... too. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
yeah it good thank u google but until now the google play doesn't work correctly please please make it available for us

can not download due 403 Error!
عالیه! ولی خیلی زودتر باید این کار انجام میشد 
Karan O
این قدر مارکت هست که از ماه ها پیش جایگزین گوگل پلی کردیم که جای خالیش بی اهمیت شده برای ما ایرانی ها :))
+Farhad Rad اون آشغالایی که هستو واقن با پلی مقایسه میکنی آیا؟ :دی
والا 3000 تا سایت هست که تمام اپلیکیشن ها ی پولی و مجانی آندرویدی رو به صورت رایگان در اختیار ما می گذاشتند ، بی منت ..... حالا هم که گوگل این کار رو کرد کار بزرگی نکرد ولی اینکه این تحریم های مسخره داره برداشته میشه جای خوشحالیه ...
+moji key منظورت از این که اپ های پولی رو مجانی میذاشتن اینه که دزدی می کردن و می کردیم یا معنی لغوی دیگه ای داره؟
 مثلن دزدی ِ بی منت یا چی؟
Thanks Google
but I guess the hostage taking and interests, access to technology is something immoral. In accordance with the laws of the United States, perhaps the possibility of monetary, financial and Exchange application download directly from inside Iran must stay closed, but why should people download a free application from the country also denied the same right to appear and then they score?
thank you so much pleas open play store i have galaxy s3 but i dont give of google play
Google Google Gooogle.only Google
گوگل گوگل ما داریم می آییم.خخخ
thank you Google~ love you so so much ... XOXO :* :* ... <3 
thanks :)

and please open android developer
I wish you could really realize the happiness inside all of us.
We're Just locked up in a prison that United States and Our Governments have made.
You have to read Iranian comments below this post to see how much they got cheerful !
I have to say either thanks a lot.
Thanks for giving Iranian users this opportunity, we do appreciate this.
I hope, soon, hear something like this but about App Engine Service
Ali M
Thanks Google you're the best
i am hapyyyyyyy . thank google . rowhani mochakerim . mochakerim means : thank you . 
google i want buy application by iran money . by rial . no by $
tank yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou googleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

واااااااای شکرت ایزد. یعنی میشه ماهم از گوگل پلی دانلود کنیم؟
باورم نمیشه
Google , We all are loving Google Play store and your services . Thanks for removing restrictions .
خیلی ممنون از توجهتان به خواسته های ما کاربران ایرانی
f*** you google
After all these years and all companies

f*** you google
After all these years and all companies

thank...thank...thank...thank...thank google.
is not download at googleplay!!!
Very Thank's Gooooooooogggggggllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle
گوگل خیلی باحالی
ولی ما کاربرا هیچ نیازی بهت نداریم
همه برنامه هایی که لازم داریم رو دوستای مدیر سایت های خودمون مجانی در اختیار ما میذارن
دم همشون گرم

سرویس مترجم ساختی واسه همین روزا
اونم به درد خودت میخوره
برو ترجمه کن مسخره
گوگل خیلی باحالی
ولی ما کاربرا هیچ نیازی بهت نداریم
همه برنامه هایی که لازم داریم رو دوستای مدیر سایت های خودمون مجانی در اختیار ما میذارن
دم همشون گرم

سرویس مترجم ساختی واسه همین روزا
اونم به درد خودت میخوره
برو ترجمه کن مسخره
Thank you Google but I can't access Google play correctly. I just see the loading page! Please solve that problem
YESSSS! Finally! Thank you Google!!!
Hello Google Please remove error 403 for users of iran

+Mojtaba Allamy It's actually developer-related from now on. It'll take a while for them to add Iran to their list.
Great news for us and my Nexus 4 : D. tnx Google.
+Vahid Lazio 

منظورم این بود  وقتی 99% برنامه های گوگل پلی رو مارکت های ایرانی از کافه بازار خز شده گرفته تا مایکت و پلی استور و حتی مارکت های خارجی معتبر مثل 1mobile  و غیره  به راحتی در دسترس قرار می دهند و اتفاقا حتی خیلی هاشون رو میشه مستقیم دانلود کرد از طریق پی سی حالا این وسط اومدن گوگل پلی هیچ اهمیتی نداره. بودنش خوبه اما دلیل این همه خوشحالی رو نمی فهمم اما چرا می فهمم. ما ایرانی ها عادت داریم جـــــــــوگیر باشیم. عادت داریم به مرگ بگیرن به تب راضی شیم. عادت داریم حق خودمون رو بگیرن چه در داخل کشور و چه در خارج کشور و بعد ندهند یا کمی بدهند عنان کار از دستمون خارج بشه. گوگل یا هر شرکت دیگه تو دنیا بیجا می کنه حق دسترسی عادی ر از مردم کشوری بگیره و بعد با منت آزادش کنه اونم ناقص. من لینک بخشی از سایت هایی که به راحتی می تونید همه برنامه های گوگل پلی + تازه تر رو ببینید و دانلود کنید رو این جا می گذارم تا سایر دوستان هم ازش استفاده کنن.. لطفا همیشه همه حقیقت را ببینید نه بخشی از آن را. مرررررررررررسی
+Farhad Rad آره ولی این شروع باز شدن یه سری چیز دیگه اس نه فقط باز شدن اپ، حداقلش اینه که همه میفهمن ،حتی اون آمریکاییای بی سوادم می فهمن ایران گوشی موبایل هست! ولی تشکر لازم نیست، هر چند بازم دانلود کردن از پلی ارور میده هنوز :))
گوگل بازیچه دست سیاستمداران. واقعا جای تاسفه
thank you a zillioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
thank you a lot gooooogle
love you!
بهت هیچ نیازی نیس.
خیلی وقته عادت کردیم از سایت های مشابه اپلیکیشن هامونو دریافت کنیم.
تازه اونم با لینک مستقیم و آخرین ورژن ها.
راستی گوگل جان این کارت فایده ای نداشت چون بازم نمیشه دانلود کرد !
tanks google for this news , I hope This process is continued . 
This is great news for Iranian people
thank you google
You don't Open know it just do a small thing and all of us think it's awesome.when you really open it say to for now it is a small lie.don't forget we are Iranian and we can suffer it if you never open it.
I can't get any app because of the error 403.Google please remove this error
Thanks thanks very much. but I can't open market and download apps, why?
am i missing something here or it's not working yet!!!! even for Gapps!!! 
همه این پست را + نمایید تا گوگل متوجه اهمیت موضوع گردد
Ehsan O
Thanks Google but I still can't download any app from Google play, I hope that paid apps also get available for Iranian users soon 
Good step forward. It would mean much more if Google Play and Google source become available in Iran.
which means it's not still available in iran
thanks for CHEATING us
Neither Play Store nor Web Store currently work in Iran. In both cases "error 403" is shown.
google play support center replied me about 403 error but i don't know what's the problem!! :

Thanks for contacting Google Play Support. I'll be happy to address your concerns and do everything I can to resolve the issue you're experiencing. We're excited to hear from our users from all over the world. At this moment, Google Play isn't available in Iran. Please be assured that we are working hard to make Google Play available more widely, but since this requires a lot of negotiations with various teams (legal, content, etc.), I don't have an official timeline for when this might happen.

+Collin Anderson 
Neither Play Store nor Web Store currently work in Iran. In both cases "error 403" is shown.

اقا دمت گرم
thanks alot google for making this,we're so honored that finally we can have this big oportunity in my digital family,
thank you gentelmen ;)

thanks a lot google, your are awesome :)

All the time it get error for downloading (error 403). Why ...?!! 
Ali HK
w can't download anything from store.
Error 403.
!!! Large number of Iranians:

Thank you for using Google Market that allows you to Iranians
But still encounter when downloading a 403 error.
Please resolve your problem.
Iranians are still waiting for our stay.

!!! Google please respond to our. !!!

!‌!‌!‌ !!!‌!!!جمع بزرگی از ایرانیها :

گوگل ممنون که اجازه استفاده از مارکت را به ایرانی ها دادی
اما هنوز هم در هنگام دانلود با ارور ٤٠٣ مواجه میشویم.
لطفا مشکل را بر طرف سازید.
ما ایرانیها هنوز هم منتظر میمانیم.

!!!!! گوگل لطفا پاسخگو باش. !!!!!!!!!
I can't download anything!!!! even apps like chrome or gmail that deveolped by google itself!!! Is there something else preventing us in Iran from enjoying palystore?
Blocking sth o humans and after opening only a small piece of it is kinda human rights???!
You have problem with our governments. Why you do sanctions against civilians???
You are cheating on us :|
David B
I just switched to Android and I am loving it.
خوب حالا چطوربرنامه هامون رو برای گوگل بفرستیم ؟ این که ویزا کارت می خواد.آدرس خارجکی می خواد . ما که ارشد برنامه نویسی هستیم چکار کنیم که هر برنامه ای می نویسم آخرش دزدیده می شه حالا تو ایران آره ولی حداقل فروشش رو ممکن کنید! ایران هم برنامه نویس داره حواستون باشه
that was a big lie from google.
nobody can still use Google Play to even download free google apps like youtube,...
I gonna surely switch to IOS cause it's Open In IRAN
تو رو به جون هرکی میپرستی این تحریم رو بردار.
Oh don't believe, it's just a joke, because I still CAN NOT download from Google play 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠
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