Android Design Support Library: bringing material design to life
The Design library brings a number of important material design components to all Android 2.1 or higher devices ( You’ll find a navigation drawer view, a floating label TextInputLayout, a floating action button, snackbar, tabs, and a motion and scroll framework to tie them together.

You’ll be able to build your navigation drawer’s items using a menu resource file and connect a TabLayout with a ViewPager with just a single call to setupWithViewPager().

AppBarLayout lets you set scroll flags to control how views such as your Toolbar scroll on and off the screen or extend it farther with CollapsingToolbarLayout to resize title text size, pin views as the app bar collapses, and add parallax effects - again just a few lines of XML.

With components that match the material design spec out of the box and the tools you need to provide rich behavior between views via the new CoordinatorLayout, the Design library gives you the building blocks needed to build a modern, great looking Android app without building everything from scratch.

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