Localizing your app is an essential part of building your user base in fast-growing markets around the world. To make this easier, we've launched the App Translation Service, which lets you purchase professional app translations directly from the Google Play Developer Console. Today, all developers can take advantage of this new service.

The App Translation Service lets you browse a list of third-party vendors who are pre-qualified by Google to offer high-quality translation at competitive prices. You can upload the strings you want translated, select your target languages, and choose a vendor based on time and price. When your translations are ready, you can easily import them back into your app using the ADT Translation Manager Plugin.

If you are targeting users in other languages, check out the App Translation Service. You'll find it in the Developer Console at the bottom of the APK section.

Here are some other resources to take a look at when localizing your app. 

Localization checklist:

ADT Translation Manager Plugin:

Developer localization stories:

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my, thank you, but I don't need to localize my app :)
see? it's just here, on my phone :D
This is great, and all, but what happens when I start getting support emails from people speaking those languages that I don't have anyone on staff who can actually respond?
What about the app's description? Since it's usually a long text, I guess it's very difficult to make it always updated with all the languages.
That's nice, but I still can't sell apps from Hungary.
it would be nice if Android Studio can do it too.
+Yano Tacchinardi, it works sometimes, and other times it is downright terrible or wrong. I don't expect Google to do anything about it, as it is not Google's problem. I am simply explaining why many of us smaller guys don't use a translation service for our apps as it sends a strong signal to your customers that you support their language for things like support emails - which most do not. There is a reason you should not just use Google Translate for your apps - it's the same reason it doesn't work for support emails. For example, I speak French only a very little, and I can spend significantly more time trying to respond to a French email than an English one. Time is money. I would love to support some of the other languages, but it is simply not economically feasible for reasons beyond just the original cost of translation. Support is extremely difficult, and I support my apps.
It's a shame it's so expensive compared with alternative services the cost for our app would be crazy 
+Joshua Fuller I'm aware of difficulties and I'm trying to brainstorm a makeshift solution. You could consider adding a disclaimer in emails saying that the contents were "interpreted and answered via Google translate".

I think utimatly it's a question of whether the extra reach you'll get from translating your app will be worth the potential support email hassle. I also think that in most cases you'll manage to get your point across in English.
İşe yararsa bizim için çok iyi olur.
This is my experience with my app that had been localized to 18 languages:


I use Google Translate for support e-mails.  It works fine +Joshua Fuller.   Is it perfect?  No, of course not, but 9 out of 10 times I can understand the question and the customer understands the answer.

I used the App Translation Service to translate my app into Japanese.  My app is large with over 1500 text items and I paid a very large sum for the translation.  I chose the Professional level where one translator translates and another double-checks.  The result was absolutely terrible.  Japanese users told me that it was worse than having the app in English.   The proprietor of the translation service, who spoke no Japanese, was very helpful and eventually refunded me half my money.  

So, would I use the App Translation Service again?  No.  BUT....  if my app was small with maybe up to a hundred translatable items, and the translation was done into a Western language, I would without hesitation.  My situation is unique and needs a professionally managed solution.

I am glad Google is offering this.
yi wang
Hi, we are a Chinese translation company, would you please tell  us more about how we can be added into the Localization checklist? Thank you!
I have two projects in my developer account. One is already translated and other is not yet.

If i use App Translation Service to translate my app, It will re-use translated words from my first app?
I'm still trying to figure out how to be included in the list of professional translation vendors included in Google Play. I'm very sorry to hear that translations you may have received so far were overpriced or just incorrect. Unfortunately, in the localization business, there's a lot of unprofessional companies selling "professional" services.
If I manage to include my company in the list of vendors, I'd love to have you check out our services and see how localization can be effective (it provides the best UX possible) and yet affordable, not only for your interface strings, but also for those support e-mails. There's a big return on investment to be obtained from the right combination of qualified linguists and applied technology, and I'm glad that Google is pushing the envelope here.
dear sirs, as I'm professional translator from English and Spanish into Russian, how can I register in this service to help developers out?
I'm looking for a list of languages that Android is available in, but it looks like it's easier to send a man to Mars than to find one. Can somebody please share it here?
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Malaysia
Norwegian Bokmal
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Android 4.4 adds the following languages:


Interestingly, CLDR data is not included (in the AOSP, at least) for these new languages, so date/time formatting will be incorrect.
There is also partial support for Romansh (the 4th official language of Switzerland).  Some of the Google apps have Romansh resources, but most don't.  I guess Google abandoned it.
+Aram Grigoryan OEMs can add any language they want, after all, Android is Open Source.  But no, the official AOSP languages are only the ones I listed.
+Aram Grigoryan I guess, you are asking because you want to know if you should support a language not included in the official list?

I can talk for my experience.  I support Tamil in my app, an Indic language not on the list.  It works fine, but you have some issues:

- The standard dialog text resources are not localized, so you need to make sure you don't use any android.R.string.xxxx resources.

- You might have issues with date and numeric formatting as the appropriate CLDR data is not included

- The fonts may not be there or be poorly rendered.  OEMs can add proper font support, though, and Samsung did.
+Fernando Camargo : we're currently working on adding a way to translate app descriptions, so stay tuned!

+Bala murugan R +Dinesh Anandan : yes, the system should re-use all your previously done translations from the first app (under condition that the first app translation was completed and the messages in both apps match each other completely).

When starting second translation, just below the language choice list you will be asked "Reuse existing translation from previous projects?" - select "Yes" and the service will calculate how much can be reused.
Sorry for hijacking the conversation with a n00b off topic question. What are the best practices for automated testing of localized application, preferably using emulators, to cover functional and UI layout testing?
It'd be great to have some kind of automated layout verification given that translations might be longer than source strings, which also hopefully supports verification of layout for RTL languages. Is there anything open sourced?
Just updated my above post with the new KitKat supported languages
up. If there is any info on how to become pre qualified for this App Translation Service? 
Is is possible for a Translation & Localization Service Provider company to become service provider partner with Google and provide the translation service? is there any Partner Program by Google?
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