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Want to bring more international users to your app? Use our new localized Google Play badges to link users around the world to your app's store listing.

To get the localized badges, visit the Google Play Badges page (linked below), select a language and badge type, and click "Build my badge." The badges are available in 47 languages.
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Can we publishers get these international badges for eBooks on Google Play? Pretty please?
your arabic support has always been very lacking, and it shows again hire someone for $10 and let them get the letters to connect.
Sorry, we currently don't have the Android app on Google Play badge translated for Russian.
Please check back later or instead use the Get it on Google Play badge below.

"ANDROID приложение на Google play"
Can this be auto localized according to Geo IP or something ? Doesn't sound very Google to choose any one language :)
But the Hebrew badge needs adjustments: the Hebrew text should be on the first line, and it should be aligned to the right.
In Arabic, the characters are broken, please fix it
Do something like a G+ button and be all dynamic
รับได้จาก = get it from (Google Play)

I know japanese one says [Android Appli Google Play]. But I don't know the rest though :)
So, what are the proper ones, if there are some errors?
The Gungseo typeface(current one) is the most traditional, serif-like typeface for Korean. It's horrible for that kind of use.
Nanum gothic(used in Android) should be proper.
Haha, Google makes an effort and everybody whinges. Why don't all the people above do the corrections themselves and share with Google instead of simply damning their attempt?
Why is it so many people whine about arabic text wherever I go? You guys are so annoying.
+Tanya Myoko spot on! And frankly, English is the language of the internet. Sticking to unreadable local languages like Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew and so on just builds artificial barriers for other people. English is really easy to learn and more than sufficient.
Moreover, Google Play apps have these ULTRA ANNOING auto-translated descriptions which are totally unreadable because they are a bunch of random words connected together. I steer away from such apps. 
I fully support Google's attempt to cater for non-English languages, but feel the community should contribute more than just their scathing opinions. Android is about the community... if you want to be spoon-fed then go buy an iPhone and pay to develop on it!
Good idea.  I still can't sell apps from my country tho.  Any updates on new merchant countries?
The problem is that Google always brag about supporting Arabic language and every time there is a problem, in Android 2.3 they said that it supports Arabic and it wasn't until Android 4.0!!!

BTW it is very easy to support Arabic... 
No, it isn't easy to support any languages.  i18n and l10n are hard and you have to learn some different ways of solving the problem.
+Anders Jackson I know its Hard, but there are so many resources to use (they will not reinvent the wheel)... and most of Google's products support Arabic perfectly. they have a problem in Android team only.
To all those who said fix or go to apple @$%@% comments...

It's not our job to "fix" anything, it's our job to point where the problem is and google do their job and "fix" their problems, an example we have been asking for a pinch-to-zoom capability and picture "fit" for the gmail app since the gmail app was introduced they implemented it in November 2012?! so over 3 years of waiting...

I have a question, why can't I develop an app and get paid for it if am not in one of the countries on the lucky list? so what's the point of those localized badges?

I have a huge list of examples of how Google SUCK when it comes to customer support and catering for them. They are clueless when it comes to customer support. Your best bet to get something fixed is the media raising the issue.
wrong translation for Chinese (hong kong)
it should use traditional Chinese instead of simplified Chinese
What a weird Thai badge. I guess it should be something else. From the English badge, "Android app on" or "Get it on," in Thai, it should be like:-

Google Play

Google Play

Direct (word to word) translation will never work with most language, I presume.
If you find a error, then it's good to inform about it, as some users has done here. Doesn't matter what language or country it's about.
BUT it should also come with an explanation and possible with an example of a solution.
That translates (pun intended) here to an explanation why it is wrong AND a correction with one or more examples of correct text.

And no one should complain if that is done. But you could always give another example which are better in some way, explained as written above!

And don't be rude to each other or the developers...
I cant for my life figure out how to generate the key hash for facebook integration any1????????
+Sagi Antebi Not GeoIP, should localize based on Accept-Languages headers from the Browser. Luckily, the filenames for the images are consistently formed, so you can do it yourself.

I'm actually not completely annoyed by this in this case. It would be weird for localized text to appear on a page in a completely different language.
I can't find it in arabic anywhere !
+Nagham Sous and what text should that have then? I guess you know atabic if you asked for it. So then you could help with a suggestion of a solution.
Good with error report though.
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