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Be sure to update to the new Cast icon in your app, if you are using the old one.
Cast Icon Update
We have updated the design of the Cast icon to use a solid fill for the connected state.

The new design increases readability and better supports accessibility. Apps with limited colors or monochromatic icons are also better supported.

For Android developers, the next update to the Media Router Support Library will include the new icon image resources.

For all other developers using a custom Cast icon, the Google Cast developers website provides updated PSD templates that include editable vectors:

All cast icon assets / templates have changed in this update to refine the vectors for all states of the icon. 

Note: Using a distinct highlight color for the connected state is optional and no longer required.

Happy Casting!

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That's much nicer, the blue clashed pretty bad in some apps.
Nice, but I prefer the blue scheme. It's more or an "on" indicator
+Cole Longó I felt like that at first, but when developers choose to add more color to their apps it looks so much nice with the KitKat white than the jellybean blue.
I just installed it I am going to try it on my Chromecast in the morning 
The link for the PSD-asset doesn´t work for me. Anyone have the correct one? I get 404-error.
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