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Google Play services

Google Play services is our new platform that offers you better integration with Google products, and which provides greater agility for quickly rolling out new capabilities for you to use within your apps. 

Today we’re launching Google Play services v2.0, which includes the Google Maps Android API and Photo Sphere APIs.

The new version of the Google Maps Android API supports Map Fragments, and allows you to bring features like vector-based maps to your Android apps. Download the latest Google Play services SDK to get started.

...and don't forget to give us your feedback in the 2012 Android Developer Survey 
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The rollout will cover all users on Android 2.2+ devices running the latest version of the Google Play store, and is rolling out over the next 24 hours.
Then I guess it's time to start implementing this. Is possible to show an infoView from a click on the map? Without any marker.
Does this mean that non 4.2 devices will be able to take photo-sphere pictures?
A couple questions...
1) If we already have a maps key, do we need to generate a new one?
2) "Requiring OpenGL ES version 2" what limits does this put on our applications and backward compatibility?
+kenny goers Yes, it's a different key -- a Google Developers API key rather than a Google Maps API key. It's linked to your developer account, so no more MD5 debug / signed dance.
Any word on the YouTube API that was demoed at Google IO way back in May?  Those of use who embed YouTube in our apps would really appreciate it!
Great news! This was so long due though. The MapView needed an update for so long and the MapFragment implementation is so... so... so... helpful. I assume it will be supported by the compatibility library?

Getting rid of the MD5 developer/signed keys is a welcome news as well!
Anyone else having problems getting the demo to work?  I went through the song and dance of creating the key and putting it into the demo's manifest, getting an Authorization Failure.  Bleh.
Wish I could re-style default look of Google Maps. The elements are often barely visible for me due to low contrast and excessive brightness. I need dark backgrounds (i.e. areas, building shapes, etc.) and light roads - similar what I get when looking web maps for #ingress . Any chance to be able to get similar look as an alternative to google maps? #googlemaps  
Just a small question - will it use GMM offline maps if present? Anyway, so glad to see this update! Very excited :) Thanks!
+Eric Miles I'm getting the same Authorization Failure. Double checked and I'm sure I've configured everything as it need to be.
+Riccardo Ciovati +Eric Miles Got it working now. I made a small mistake by activating the wrong API service. I had Google Maps API v2 activated instead of Google Map Android API v2.
So this won't be available on devices that don't have Google Play?
I would also be interested to know about using Styles on these?  I see there is an UrlTileProvider class, but I would be suprised if that was compatible with the JavaScript Styled Maps
I've just tried the samples... it looks great. Adding markers is far simpler now. One small drawback - devices not supporting OpenGL ES2.0 won't be able to run apps with maps and testing on an emulator would be impossible, correct?
I can't wait for someone to write a good migration article. I love the new api, it looks easier and more powerful. I think I'll wait to replace the maps in my current app which is too close to release to worry about migrating.

I think my favorite feature is going to be the Info Windows via customized by the WindowInfoAdapter interface, the biggest piece missing in version 1 in my opinion.  That and the info window title and snippet that is displayed by default.
Will the maps in China get shifted to its correct position as it is done in Google Maps app? It's such a pain to deal with the calculation and shifting when using the old Maps Android SDK for targeting Chinese users.
I have one more question - what happens if a user hasn't updated to the latest Google Play Services. Last Night one of my devices was not updated and there was a message and a button which links to the Play Store to do an update. Is this a built-in functionality of the Maps API (Fragment), because I can't find any code in the samples that checks for the Google Play Services Version... ?
For a new dev all these changes sound intimidating. But then again its pretty exciting as well. 
This is great news! So whats the fallback for the ~9.2% of devices that are still OpenGL ES 1.1 ?
Yea. Updated my app to use Maps API v2 already.
"Your application has been published. It can take several hours until it is available throughout Google Play."
+Dorian Cussen Devices with GL ES 1.1 will not see the app in the Play Store. The store filters the apps that are not compatible with the browsing device. I guess that if you want to support GL 1.1 devices, you should use the old MapView. (I think it's time for me to change my GL ES 1.1 device with something newer =) )
+Dorian Cussen +Zhelyazko Atanasov I'm just going to leave the old MapView in my app as a fallback. Bit of a hassle for testing reasons but the code is already written so I might as well use it.
Any update on if/when applications that use Maps API can use the offline cached map data?
+Michael Basil +Zhelyazko Atanasov  Are you saying that by using the new map api no 1.1 device will see at all or you would recommend filtering via the manifest by declaring 2.0 support only? If the latter I guess the new maps api should be used in a progressive enhancement approach until those 1.1 devices go off the radar
I can't run the demos, it says: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.example.mapdemo.BasicMapActivity
I already genereated a correct key and added the play services library but I think it is not the issue
+Fernando F. Gallego I had the same issue. Create a folder "libs" in the project and put there the support library but remove it from Java build path beforehand.

+Dorian Cussen If you look at the manifest of the sample, it has already declared that OpenGL ES 2.0 is required :)
+Zhelyazko Atanasov presumably you can just leave this out of the manifest then and fallback to the 1.1 supported MapLib on those devices
+Zhelyazko Atanasov - ran into the same problem and your solution fixed it.  Thank you.  And thank you to the +Android Developers for releasing this new version - it's going to be a great upgrade for my app!
+Peter Kuterna Thanks man, that was it!  LOL, such a small oversight but had me hosed up for like an hour.
I tested the demo sample code is nice! There is a way to override a MyLocationOverlay like the old API ? How to customise the default mylocation dot ?
+Fernando F. Gallego My coworker is getting the same problem, but I'm having difficulty helping him work through it as I'm remote.  If you figure it out, let me know.
I will try with the new GroundOverlay...
+Fernando F. Gallego He didn't have the support library correctly configured, I was finally able to help him walk through it.
Guys, how do I add a button to a custom info window so that I can click on it? When I try to click the button, the entire info window gets clicked and the button doesn't...
+Android Developers will this version be able to utilise the maps that have been made offline by the user or will it still require a connection just to work?
I'm running MIUI 2.3.30 and for ages always complains that Google Play Services needs updating, but its updated already on my phone. I've been through support and got the normal "Factory Reset" anyone else got an idea on what I could do to tell Google Play that its updated? Is it an issue their end?
+Android Developers will there also be a way in the sdk to programmatically launch the camera in photosphere or panorama mode? 
Has anyone got Maps v2 working on the emulator yet?
Nope, you might have some luck if you get a Play Store on it (much like the v1 maps hack for HAXM, I presume), but I haven't tried it myself yet.
+Android Developers I have a problem with updating InfoWindows in the new Google Maps API. To update an InfowWindow once an Image is ready to display I need to call showInfoWindow on the marker again. Since loading the image is asynchronous I can't know if the Window wasn't closed in the mean time. 

I posted a longer explanation on Stackoverflow: 

Is there a technique to handle this?
they changed a lot. will take a while before i get my head around all this. some changes seem pretty gratuitous.
+Sripaul Asokan most likely not, right now this only works on devices. Someone might find a way around soon, but right now I don't think there is a known way.
i think that emulator support would be a good thing for developers. sure we can use a real device, butfor any sort of extensive testing, the emulator is the only realistic way to go.
hello, i have a problem in eclipse IDE,can anyone help me,thanks
thanks very much for this.  i'm sure many have been waiting for this update!
I met the message from system when trying to use Map V2 in emulator.
This is the message with Update button.
"This app won't run unless you update Google Play services"
Is there anyone who can assure that we can't use Map V2 in emulator?
When I do this getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().remove(mMapFragment).commit(); it complains that mMapFragment is not a fragment (but a MapFragment). How can I remove the fragment?
hay soporte para las versiones anteriores???? o solo para la version 4.2????????
el emulador no lo soporta???? :(
+Android Developers I really don't think this should have been released without emulator support.  I realize that most developers can use a real device, but you cannot test with multiple device configurations and platforms with real devices like you can with the emulator.  In my case, I am trying to teach students how to write maps applications, students who don't have devices of their own, and I simply cannot show them the latest version.
it gives me an ClassNotFoundException.....
When I am adding google_play_services_lib as a reference to my android app, is not build. How can we resolve this issue.(there are no errors in xml files ) 
Is there a way to change the language of the map? in the old version it showed the language defined on the device,but not in the new one...
released without emulator support? You (Google) MUST love developers, it seems that you HATE us!
Is there a way to see the apps other google play customers have installed if they login?
Please I need help here. My device is no longer compatible with the googleplay services and I dont know why... And I can't do login in youtube and I can't open the google keep app... If someone could help me I would be very greatfull =)
Has anyone been looking into how the latest Google Play Services has been causing lockups and crashes on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 devices?
when updated google+ and the now included googleplay services i lost every app that depends on it because it says device is no longer compatible and now I can't open the google +, hangouts, foursquare and more and more apps integrating play services.
I have a Galaxy S and Xperia X10 with this problem.
How to make map apps  conpactable with lower versions(from 2.2) using v2 api?
add support lib into project "android-support-v4.jar"
it will works fine.
i am using google map api v2 on android but while running it show this app won't run unless you update google play services
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