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New ways to connect your app to the Cloud using Android Studio and Google Cloud Platform
Posted by Manfred Zabarauskas, Product Manager on Google Cloud Platform Many Android developers like Snapchat or Pulse build and host their app backends on the Google Cloud Platform , and enjoy automatic management, with simple expansion to support millions...

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Wish more Android apps supported backup/restore using Google Drive ...
Whenever I see some post with Android Studio mentions in that , I feel like here is something great to read for me. create an excitement inside me to read.
When i choose new project in android studio, i just see progress bar for loading and just that! I wait over an hour and nothing happend!! What should i do now?
I have a new app on google play cay called textultr and need help.

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Recently i installed Android L to my Nexus 5 device..its pretty good and amazing ....but the strange thing is that there is a "Miscellaneous" notification in battery sucking up more battery compare to other apps..and when i click on it it shows Unknown power use ....what should i do ???? 
Can you help me with my new app textultr and I will help with yours and can u pass it on. Ty

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I am in need of some help to launch my first android app called textultr on google play store. Can anyone help with some tips. Thank you

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I am new to android .Please let me know that how to connect android app with google app engine.I have simple takes two numbers from android and post it to gae.I was recommended to use cloudendpoints.But I don't know how to configure app to my needs.thanx
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