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Helping You Go Global with More Seamless Google Play Payments
By Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Google Play Product Manager Sales of apps and games on Google Play are up by more than 300 percent over the past year. And today, two-thirds of Google Play purchases happen outside of the United States, with international sales conti...
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+Tadej Rudec I think you're probably right. They did announce support for more countries too though, so hopefully you'll be able to sell your stuff soon.
It's funny how google completely ignores Brazil.
+Android Developers when are you guys going to completely merge Google playstore balance with google wallet balance so that we can buy devices  or just transfer money back to our bank accounts. Someone can give a person a 100 dollar google playstore card. Who's seriously going to buy apps with that hundred dollars if you guys aren't going to let us buy devices. So why not allow us the ability to transfer it back to our bank accounts or spend it on other things like in store or online purchases with our google wallet card. 
Please support Bahrain developers to start selling apps in the store!!
Thank You!
Good news!

Please add Belarus to list of countries to support merchant registration! 
South Africa too please....
Still cannot create a Merchant Account from South Africa!
+Android Developers In India most people don't have credit cards also google play store doesn't support any debit card here. It is very hard to make a purchase. 
Jay L
Paypal support doesn't mean you can use Paypal to charge your customers, you apps are still using Google play to handle payment, but your customers can pay Google play using Paypal. See the difference? Google still take a 30% cut every transaction, even when Paypal only charges 3-4% for sellers. 
What about India?? It's too difficult to buy apps in india
+Gaurav Singh There is solution for Indians. Banks have no inclination to make payments easier. There is no automatic payment system or concept of subscription based payments from carriers. And their is no standardization. It's a mess.
+Sudhir Khanger I have purchased some apps using virtual credit card but I had to pay extra than what was needed. 
+Gaurav Singh You could use ICICI (or AXIS) debit card without problem. I am not sure if they charge transaction fees for each and every Google Play purchase.
+Manish Kumar go to
Register for an account, create a virtual credit card there, load up money (I'll recommend the minimum amount i.e. $5). After that you'll get the credit card number. Add your card to Google wallet website and purchase the app as you like. 
Bravo! Android payments go global just 6 years after it's release. Good effort.
Why can't you pay for devices with Paypal or Google Play gift cards?
this isnt avail in indonesia suck google is lame
When you guys will support Pakistan for selling Android apps on Google Play store?
PayPal support is awsome...
I would really appriciate a function to see the answer on my app review. Maybe even a notification inside the store app when the developer answered on my review/rating.
What about taxes? Do I still need to handle taxes on my own for every country? 
Hey!!how can you root itel inote beyond?? its running on 4.1.2 jellybean
Well, I can't go global or even local because Google Merchant is still (which year it is now, 2014, right?) not available for app developers in Latvia (EU country since 2004 by the way). 
PayPal as a payment form is awesome. Would be great if you allow developers to withdraw money to PayPal also :)
Paypal is very 2012, #bitcoin is the new hotness. (also, micro payments will work well when you guys get your Internet satellite system setup.) #spacex  
As a developer, I'm very interested to see how Google will integrate blockchain technology and bitcoin support into Android.
Sam T
I have a solution to mass adoption of bitcoin BUT i am not a developer. I am in need of a bright, bold and gutsy team of devs that are willing to take on what I believe will be the most difficult project to date in the space of bitcoin and mobile apps in general. 

Please email me at if your willing to bootstrap a new "mobile social networking". I have some money (not much) that i am willing to put up as a small bounty on elance or what ever freelancing site we choose, but my vision is to get this beta out for a bitcoin crowd funding sale. 

From this crowd funding projects that I have seen thus far like etherium or getgems I believe this project will and needs to raise a million or more. 

Again what i have in mind will easily draw in the money for the completion of this app but I need a trusting and dedicated team of devs that want to be apart of the NEXT big social networking app. 

have a wonderful day all. 
Sam T
I guess you didn't read that part that said I have an idea for an app. It's
one thing to have a room full of bright coders and another thing as too
have them all focused on one goal.
Mike G
As Android user I have never bought anything, because I don't like the idea of giving someone my credit card information. I've heard that Google might add #Bitcoin  one day, so I decided to wait. I won't buy anything unless I can pay for it with something convenient and secure.
Now all you need is to enable #Bitcoin  payments. Follow #Microsoft's example, even if it means we are just adding funds to our Google Play account using Bitcoin! Bring Bitcoin to Google Play!!
I'd like to see Bitcoin integrated into the payments process. Then you'd cover every country that has Internet in the world! Refunds could still be processed if you handled the return Bitcoin address locally.
Bitcoin integrated app makes so much sense these days. I'm tired of inherent risk of storing my personal financial data on someone else's computer! I want to control my own money and data. Using bitcoins as a parallel money system is just smart contingency planning.
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