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Introducing Android Studio: An IDE built for Android.

Today at Google I/O we announced a new IDE that’s built just for Android, and it’s available now as an early access preview. 

We’ve collaborated with JetBrains, creators of of IntelliJ IDEA, extending the Community Edition.  We’ve customized it for Android developers, from integrating a new build system to adding powerful editing and UI builder features all designed to simplify and optimize your Android app development.

If you’re interested in trying Android Studio, you can download it today for free. The download bundle includes includes everything you need, including the IDE, the latest SDK tools, the latest Android platform, and more.

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It is not liking Windows 8 :( Doesn't do anything when I launch it.
Its not running on a Pixel though without having another distro.
Nothing happens when I try to start it on Windows 7 :/
+Scott Adie Same here. Doesn't seem to help running it in any of the compatibility modes either. Bit of a downer.
Win 7 64bit Professional works after Kristijan's method. I was going to post same thing!
quick question, will this replaces ADK with  Eclipse entirely?,  or the two development tools will be supported ?

At this point I still prefer Eclipse over IntelliJ IDEA.
Default UI skin is ULTRA-UGLY and IDE is very slow. And this JDK issue - come on! Not even a message!
While I was hoping for more developer love... I do have to give google credit where credit is due with this one... as soon as intellij went opensource... I thought IT should be the base vs eclipse.
I'm wondering how does this work with Idea's 13 EAP to combine both web and android IDEs. Just using that with the sdk having the same features would be perfect, is this posible now?
Work really good on Mac, i would like to see plugin for Intelij Idea
Doesnt work on Win7!!
It won't run for me :(  

After installing and trying to start the program it just immediately exits with no errors.
Wow !! Downloaded !!! Now I'll not be able to sleep before testing it again and again ! Thx so much
Ed Dich
This totally rules! Make it web-based (like Google Docs/Drive) and the ChromeOS will be THE platform of the future!
There are instructions for migrating Eclipse projects to work in the new IDE. Will they still be compatible with Eclipse after the conversion is done?
Bufff problems with the JDK. Are you serious?? it already looks not mature.
Can't it be a plugin instead? I don't like the idea of having an Enterprise edition installed and a copy for Android Studio.
gonna try it out.....Google's the best
+Matthew Rice
Sorry but I've do a mistake... I was talking about the problems I had with the JDK and JRE not with the SDK. I think I know how to resolve it but I just thought that this kind of problems were tested...

I am using Ubuntu.
Stop whining.

It's a beta –or even alpha– release. Bugs and other inconveniences aren't not only expected, but even wanted: the point of this early release is to find and solve those issues.

So if you download it, assume you're a beta tester. Otherwise keep with your current IDE until a more stable version is released.
tried to export a project and got an IllegalStateException: Unable to find Gradle home directory for project :-(
Runing it on Ubuntu 13.04
Why am I failing to start that thing?! I'm running Windows 7 64Bit. Double click the Icon and nothing happens, not even an error message to help me find out why X__X
Hey guys, sorry for the noob question but do you have to know Java to be able to use Android Studio?
Oh, OK. Thanks for the answer. Are there any app templates out there I could tinker with? That's how I learned HTML and CSS, by messing around with templates.

I understand Java is a great deal more difficult to learn but I'd like to see what an app looks like Android Studio.
I finally got my multi-module project to compile in Android Studio, but build time was definitely slower than Eclipse. There may be some tweaks I could make, but for now I'll wait for it to mature a bit.
windows 7 64 bit I got working. . install JDK 32 bit then create a window environment variable and set its path in my case C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_21
Any word on if the emulator now or plans to support Open GL ES 2?
my eyes finally stopped bleeding
I still can't get it to work on Win 7 64 bit X_X
Please replay to me: why make another Android IDE, is the ADT (Eclipse based) near the dead?
+Massimo Montecchi  because eclipse is a slow, bloated, ugly and broken POS compared to intellij

especially with display limited resoutions
Does not run at all. Still looking forward to it when Google gets it working.
Doesn't seem to be working on Windows 7 (64 bit) at the moment but hopefully that will be fixed soon. Looking forward to giving it a whirl, I'm getting real tired of Eclipse.
Same here, crash on startup on Win 7 64bit. 

Also, maybe someone can tell me if this version already provide support for native applications? That's what I'm interested in, in particular C++ compiler.
I'm curious as to if it will work flawlessly on Chrome (Pixel)?
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Can anyone tell me where I can set the location of my Android SDK?
+Colin Willson Click on the Android SDK manager icon in the top bar, it should then prompt you to select the location.
+Aleksandr Ivanov
 Intellij IDEAs layout is much more clever and space efficient than Eclipse, and if you don't the actual look of it, just go to the settings and change the theme. There are several available, but I recommend the dark one. It saves your eyes and looks much better than default one.
+Steve Lacy The problem is I can't open Android Studio because it says my SDK is "missing".
It's pretty sad that this new IDE won't start on some boxes. Never had a problem w/ eclipse or intellij but it's DOA on my 'puter. Did your build guy quit or is he at Google I/O?
+Colin Willson Which SDK? Java or Android?
Those are two quite different settings. What is your OS?
After adding the system variable pointing to the JDK I've got it running on my Win7 laptop. Nice. Seems a pinch slower than IntelliJ IDEA but the layout preview is fast and looks fantastic.  After working with IntelliJ for a year, I tried Eclipse/Juno, found it crashing on me all the time, and Kepler was only a little better, so it's great to see Google working with IntelliJ to make an already good product  better.
+Steve Lacy I created and environment variable to fix the problem with the IDE not opening, but now I am unable to create a new project because it cannot find the Android SDK. The Android SDK is located on a separate drive because I don't have space for it on my SSD. I was hoping I could change the Android SDK location like I can in Eclipse, but I cannot find an option
+Colin Willson Ok, a bit complex process:
File> Other Settings> Default Project Structure>
Click the SDK tab on the left, then if all are empty click on the  +  icon and select Android.
Navigate to the location of the A-SDK, click Ok. Then click on your choice of Device target. 
Kinda makes me wish I was a developer. Maybe I should go back to Codecademy (:
Does it compile NDK code ? I'd like to see the same level of onspot completion and shit for C++ . Hell, how about they just invest the time into making a proper C++ debugger in eclipse rather than making yet another plug-in for Java development. Jesus...
+Jay Daniels I stopped using the command-lines after Windows 95. When I right click and select "toggle breakpoint" and then run, I want it to stop there. Ever heard of Visual Studio ? It does everything it says.
I download and installed Android studio  but, I can't open it please help me.
Installed on Linux (Fedora-18). When I press "New Project..." I was getting a window stating:
"Your Android SDK is out of date or is missing templates. Please ensure you are using SDK version 22 or later."
Fixed this problem by selecting "Configure->", then "Project Defaults->", then "Project Structure"...
Selecting "Project" in left pane and then "Android SDK" under the "Project SDK"  menu on the right.
Then click on "Edit" button [or just select "SDK's" on the left panel]... Set/Verify the Android SDK home path (mine is /opt/android-studio/sdk", the Build target (mine is Android 4.2.2) and the Java SDK (mine is 1.7).
Click OK, and back up to the Quick Start window... I can now begin a "New Project..."
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On my windows 7 machine it is taking around 5 mind to start 
Can't check updates throwing network error
I installed on widows XP not open T-T
Will android studio support ndk ?
Does the emulator on this able to run a MapFragment? Eclipse can't do this.
Do have somebody problems with not calling Proguard while creating signed APK in Android Studio. It looks like proguard is skipped even if I selected project proguard configuration and checked Include system proguard file in Generate signed APK dialog.
Seeing First Look Pictures. Hope it would impress me. Just downloading!!!
Quick question - Why I can't create a new project in a completely new and empty folder? It says "There must not already be a project at this location" - the folder is empty, just created for the project.

P. S. This happens both on Mac and Win.
 And the folder is located on a different drive than the one suggested by Studio
I set security folder of work space project. Set my user is read-write, modify or full control.
To see if can be used in my projects... Hope I can rebuilt my own plugins in Java to do stufs that not exists (Like I done in Eclipse)
anyone running it on ubuntu 13.04 64bit with sun jdk6 ?
It's running fine on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit on jdk 1.7.0_21 (package oracle-java7-installer).
I have one question, we can still edit Android source code with it ?
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Running fine on a Mac out of the box, amazing ide.
Woot! Long live IDEA 12, I'm glad I wont have to convince all the nay saying eclipse users any more.
First thing I've noticed with Android Studio is that I can't pin it to the Windows-7 64-bit taskbar.
Android Studio is warning me that I'm calling a method that requires API 14, but minSdkVersion is already set to 14. 
Am I missing something? It would be nice if I could just import an Android NDK sample, but it seems like a manual setup that's harder then just importing with Eclipse ATM....
Love it..just tried to create a test project with login activity...although was expecting the project to run without making any changes, I had to add intent-filters to run the application. Its just an observation, otherwise at first glance it looks great to me!
64bit ubuntu 13.04 oracle jdk. Works out of the box. I can make a new project however with only a simple hello world loaded it is soooo sloowwww. Unusable. I test some more. 
Referencing library projects outside of the Application project root directory seems almost impossible.  Filed a bug report on it.
Ubuntu 13.04 64bit with oracle jdk running incredibly smooth on my end. I already created a small widget to test the overall functionality and man I am impressed!
Far from being a finished IDE. So far not very impressed. Well, I will be impressed when the emulator will be fast. Eclipse was/is not the problem. Not sure why they moved to IntelliJ.
Looks good, works fine. Qucker than Eclipse. Android deidcated features are very interesting. I'm waiting for more.
what an improvement compared to about a year ago, when everything needed to be downloaded separately. installation was effortless!
+Rohan Ghatpande I installed it with an older version of the JDK. Not sure what OS you're running, I'm on Windows 7 64bit.
Installed in on Mac OS and it seems very slow. I'll stick with Eclipse for now.
Anyone successful to make a demo app which uses a library, say similar to ActionbarSherlock? Its currently looking more of a hassle and pain than ease for development. The demo in Google IO has ActionbarSherlock as a library project so there has to be a way. How to do it i am still not sure. I suppose a small tutorial by the dev team responsible for the development will help.
I compiled app with support lib without any problem. Just put into libs directory and add it to build path module settings -> dependencies
Hi every one
If you face error  like "Why I can't create a new project in a completely new and empty folder? It says "There must not already be a project at this location" - the folder is empty, just created for the project."

I figure out that instead of given or select path just manually write full path with out space as well as make sure the folder should not present in that location with directory mean directory should not  exist over that path , because the directory later on create by IDE.
+Rohan Ghatpande There is one under Help -> "Check For Updates...".  It says I have the latest version, but I'm not sure if it's actually hitting an update server or not at this point.
Design mode does not work. There is no way to drag or put components/widgets onto it.
Hello good evening, I have problems with Android Studio and Google TV. When I try to create the AVD of Google TV Addon (API 13), I get the following error that I can not create it. The error is "To create this AVD, Please install the x86 system image for Android 3.2 (API 13) first."
I can not find it to install, and is not available in Android SDK Manager.
I await your comments with respect to this problem.
"call requires api level 11 (current min is 11)" - such errors are very annoying. Fix it, please!
hi mmm.. i have a problem in android studio it says : project not found please  someone can help me ? thanks !
Hi friends, if that problem still donot can create the AVD with Android Google TV Studio, according to my opinion, the problem is that there is an updated version of x86 System Image to the Google SDK 3.2 (API 13), only there for SDK version 2.3.3 (API 10)
mm i have a other  problem  with maven  it  doesn't  organizes the file 
KL Tah
anyone else here getting a IllegalStateException: Unable to find Gradle home directory for project error?
Wondering about TFS support. As things stand on my team, no TFS is a show stopper. Eclipse has free TFS support. Intellij supports it in the $500 Ultimate edition of IDEA. Is TFS support planned for Android Studio? Or can Android Studio take features from the Ultimate edition of IDEA?
+Kirk Harrison Thank so much for the solution ! :) Was searching for it everywhere, got it like a boon.
Not sure where to put this - I'm running android studio on ubuntu 12.04 laptop with 4gb ram and an intel i3-2310M @ 2.10ghzx4 and it's unusable. For comparison, Eclipse is buttery smooth. Studio is extremely slow to start and build; hangs often and hard, sometimes locking up the system entirely. It's a shame because I LOVE it. As a beginner, the autocompletion is a godsend, and the entire package is beautiful. If there is anything I can do to better help provide feedback or information, I'd love to know. FYI memory usage rarely exceeds 250mb (out of 700). Is there a way to increase that? 
I am new to android development and so is with the studio. Can anyone tell me where I can get sample demo projects soruce code to debug to learn?
+Jaykishan Parikh One thing you could do is start with the Eclipse sample projects on the Android Developer site and follow the instructions for exporting them to Android Studio. (Requires that you have Eclipse installed somewhere though. I don't know of a standalone tool that does this - but doesn't seem as though that would be that difficult to do.)
The latest download has an issue with gradle...
I installed the 0.2 preview on Linux and Mac OS, it's working, so far so good. But the big disappointment is, that it's still the same crappy Emulator. Does anybody know, if there're plans to improve the Emulator?
Need to add a pop-up help, the same as in eclipce. It is very convenient. And it is necessary.
Just yesterday i download this great and surprisingly free programm.I seems to be good.
hey i am new to programming, what is the advantage of using UI builder as to using xml
Build: AI-130.675642, 20130514

I have never seen such a Gigantic memory eating system haltering yet worthless tool like Android Developer Studio.
Back in mid 2003 I memorize one as Oravle JDeveloper.

The "Android Developer Studio" assembly lets user create a lightweight project by itself, write codes itself and uses existing libraries yet cannot compile neither build because of missing pieces.

I remember the smoothness of AVD and SDK managers and enjoyment of development but this new one is just a shit by itself.
As I progress working in android studio I realize that its better than eclips and support all modern development tools, but ui development on studio need to improve, still not showing custom font in Dev mode in XML mode
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